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Jun 21, 2011 11:20 AM

Ideas for dinner in East Greenwich, RI?

We're meeting friends for dinner in a few weeks in East Greenwich (halfway between us).

Any restaurants that are especially good? Or any we should stay away from?
One friend suggested Siena, La Masseria and Meritage. Are any of the restaurants on the water worth a look (20 Water Street, perhaps)?

Water Street Cafe
25 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Meritage Restaurant
5454 Post Rd, East Greenwich, RI 02818

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    1. La Masseria. Had one of our better dinners inthe past few years there.

      1. Second the Masseria rec. The space gets crowded and loud, but the food is very very good. Make sure you're aware of the price of the specials, though -- one time we were surprised by a burratta app that was more than twice the cost of any on-menu app. It was good and all, but a warning would have been nice.

        Stay away from the places on the water, unless just for drinks outside before you go somewhere else.

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          I was at LaMasseria three times. When they first opened It was very nice the second time the same the last time Horrid the place was half empty. I went to Fat Bellies for a quickie walked around EG on a Friday night at 8pm when we left Fat Bellies Masseria was half empty I have a gift certi. my kids gave us over a year ago I will try it and give my opinion of it.

          I have agreed with your past recs here so I will go this weekend

        2. I agree with Siena! Meritage is not very good. The restaurants in the water are best for drinks. I have had good and just okay meals at La Masseria. There is Kon if you like Japanese.

          Meritage Restaurant
          5454 Post Rd, East Greenwich, RI 02818

          1. Siena is VERY good. I have eaten at La Masseria only once, and, the meal was good. I have not yet been to Centro Martini bar, but I did check out the menu on line and found it appealing. Also, I have been to Cafe Fresco many times and have never had a bad meal.

            Cafe Fresco
            301 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818

            319 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820