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Jun 21, 2011 10:34 AM

German Riesling to go with S. Indian food

Hello all-
We're throwing an event with South Indian food, and would like to serve a German Riesling. Our caterer has given us a list of producers they can get. Any thoughts on good, reasonably-priced ($12-14) choices from this list. Apologies for its length:
August Kesser
Black tower
Carl Reh
Dr. Weins-Prum
Heger kendermanns
Leonard Kreusch
Polka dot
Robert Weil
Rudi Wiest
St. Gabriel
Twisted River
Von Buhl
Anything goes
Domane Wachau
Jakob Demmer
Markus Molitor
Schmitt&sohne Wines
Schloss Vollrads
Zantho Burgenland

Thank you!

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  1. You've got at least one Austrian producer in there, but what exactly are you looking for in terms of a wine? Or is it "just Riesling", which would then obviate Superstition since I think that's a Riesling/Pinot blanc blend.

    Is there any additional information as to what the caterer can get apart from names?

    Black Tower? Just say no.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      Looking for something without a lot of residual sugar. This is for a large pre-wedding event, and there probably won't be that many experienced wine drinkers, so we're not looking to wow anyone (not that we probably could with our price range), but just something that represents good value.

      No information other than names - they just told me that this is the list of wineries they can get. I'm guessing it's probably whatever labels are readily sold in stores here.

      Thanks for your help.

      1. re: jaba

        A few ideas: 1) you need to taste something out of the list and see what you like; 2) South Indian food has a varying but discernible level of spice and heat: wines with residual (not necessarily "sweet") sugar counter the flavors and work very well...Good luck...(You can also ask the caterer if a sparkling wine is on the list--that could work...)

    2. You probably will need a QmP or if you are lucky, a Kabinet category since everything else will be above your price point. These producers are all reliable and if you can select 2009, you will likely be happy

      r. Weins-Prum




      Robert Weil

      Schloss Vollrads

      Markus Molitor

      omane Wachau

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      1. (thai instead of south-indian)

        I opened a bottle of "Hattenheimer Schutzenhaus Riesling kabinett Qmp Rheingau 2009" last week-end to go with a spicy thai beef salad and it was a good match, sweet but good acidity and kept cold; it was nice.


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        1. re: Maximilien

          assume the Hattenheimer Schutzenhaus was made by Balthasar Ress.....excellent producer, great qpr wine year after year.

          1. re: drumwine

            I don't see this producer on my list - am I missing something?

            1. re: jaba

              No, you didn't miss anything--the respondent seemed to be entranced by a recent experience...with a wine not on your list.