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Jun 21, 2011 10:34 AM

Indonesian Restaurants

My work is hosting some visitors from Indonesia for a few weeks and I would like to offer them restaurant suggestions in case they are homesick. However, the only Indonesian restaurant I've been able to turn up so far is Angin Mimari, whose website is down. I called and got an answering machine message dated June 19th which seemed to indicate they were still open, but have not reached a person. Does anyone have any other ideas? I know nothing about Indonesian cuisine; they are staying at Loyola in Rogers Park, can I refer them to Argyle for common ingredients at a grocery store?

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  1. Hmmm. There was mention on yelp back in Feb that they might try moving to Evanston. I have eaten there and I enjoyed the food and the owners are very nice people too.

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      I finally got someone to answer the phone and he told me they haven't moved yet, but I should call before going..not sure if they are open weird hours right now? Just an FYI in case anyone else wants to go.

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        Open or not, it is a dismal restaurant. See reviews on Yelp, including mine. There are no good options for Indonesian in Chicago, sadly.

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          AS for second part of your question, yes, the Asian marts on Broadway by Argyle do carry Indonesian seasonings/ sauces. We use them for making Indonesian food at home.