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Not-to-be-missed restaurants outside of downtown and Old Montreal

We are renting an apartment near The Plateau neighborhood of Montreal for a week. Because we are traveling with our dog (and cannot leave her in the rented apartment alone) we would like to compile a list of restaurants -- where we can drive away from the congested areas of Montreal , leave our dog securely locked in the car and park near the restaurant. (We were very successful in Vancouver recently using this approach).

Can you help me come up with a list of restaurants we should consider. We are not looking for fine dining. What about Swartz Deli?

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  1. While I know this is off topic for chow I hope the moderators will allow it to stay.

    There are a number of doggy day care businesses in Montreal where you could drop Fido off to play for the day while you go exploring.

    I can personally recommend www.montrealdogs.com

    1. Sorry everyone got so upset because I didn't give enough information. We will be in Montreal Sept 25 for a week. I am presuming it will not be hot during that time of the year.

      I am a very serious dog advocate and work at Denver's largest animal shelter. I assure you that we will not lock our precious pup in a car if the night temperature is over 65 degrees. We always park the car so we can watch it during our meal because we do fear she could be stolen. We would never leave her then walk away out of sight.

      We would give anything to find a place to eat where she could quietly sit at our feet on a patio we we have given up.

      That said, can you help me find some restaurants where we could watch her in our car while eating?

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        There are a "lot" of people who leave their dogs just outside the terraces on a leash (with a bowl of water); but I would not do it if sitting inside.

        Most of the places on Le Plateau or Old-Montreal have only very limited parking space in front of them (very busy streets).

        I'd try to train you dog to be able to stay in the apartment for a couple of hours in the evening so you can have some time for yourselves. (or as other suggested, use a dog day care).

      2. There are no parking spots directly in front of Schwartz unless you park illegally, so if you do takeout, you'll have to leave the dog unattended in the car, or with the person with whom you're traveling while going alone inside to do takeout. And forget about eating in, the configuration of the restaurant will barely allow you to see outside to a park car.

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          Thanks for the info on Schwartz--will definitely add it to my list. I'm hoping someone will help me with more suggestions of where we can drive to get good food.

        2. Folks, it's clear from the follow-up that the poster is aware of the issues with locking dogs in the car. We'd ask that people focus on offering restaurants that meet her criteria.


          1. Most of Montreal´s best restaurants, especially for budget eats, are in the Plateau. I´m not sure why you would want to drive. (You might end up having to park as far away as your apartment). As one poster said, it´d probably be more convenient to leave the dog outside (in a restaurant with big windows!) or find a terasse (if the weather holds). If you really want to go to uncongested areas where you can drive and find easy parking, then you are missing out on the best of the city and what makes living in the Plateau so great! That being said, you could try places in Outremont or Mile-End, where it´s not as congested as right in the Plateau. Some examples are Lemeac, Rumi, Croissanterie Figaro, Nouveau Palais. Also in Little India, you can park but not on the main street (Jean-Talon) where the restaurants are. India Curry House is my favourite!

            In general, Montreal, like east coast brother New York, is a denser, more pedestrian-friendly/less car-friendly city than Western cities like Denver and Vancouver.

            Good luck!

            Montreal, QC, Montreal, QC , CA

            1. Yes I am guilty--guilty of not including enough info in my original post. We will not be in Montreal until the last few days of September, when the weather should be cool enough to leave our dog in the car (with the sky light open). We live and breathe for our dog and are the ultimate pet parents. That's why she is included in our 5000 road trip.

              The reason we want to leave the Plateau area (where we are renting an apartment) is because our dog has Addison's Disease. She cannot deal with any stress such as being left in an unfamiliar setting or with people she doesn't know. She could literally go into shock. But she does have a comfort zone within our car.

              So here's what we do: we search our a restaurant for dinner early and park as close to the front door as possible. We will not leave her in the car without being able to see the car while we are seated in a restaurant. This process worked well in cities such as Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver.

              Obviously we will miss the best restaurants which are concentrated in Montreal Old Town and the Plateau. Driving further out is our only option (other than cooking in our apartment.

              Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

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                Some other possibilities could be found in NDG, which is in the western part of Montreal. It does not offer really fine dining but there are a variety of restaurants along Sherbrooke Street west with terraces and, because its not a hot, trendy neighbourhood you can frequently get parking out front of a restaurant.

                Some ideas along Sherbrooke West: Coin d'Asie offers vietnamese/thai, Azar is lebanese, Bofinger is BBQ (although not great food, there is a large outdoor space with picnic tables that would be ideal for doggy), Etoile des Indes for indian, and Cafe Grand (corner Sherbrooke and Grand) is one of my favourites with excellent salads, sandwiches, soups, coffee, super friendly staff and a cute terrace out front.

                If you do decide to venture to NDG, there is a nice, large park on the corner of Sherbrooke and GIrouard you and doggy could enjoy before or after your meal.

                Good luck to you

              2. Great take out: Romados for Portuguese chicken, Patatati Patata for Poutine and burgers, Schwartzs for smoked meat, Aux Vivres for vegan BLT,, Torurtiere Australienne for Australian meat pies that are amazing. All these place are within 1 km of each other and mount royal (great park and mountain)

                Aux Vivres
                4631 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1R2, CA

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                  I know this isn't entirely on subject but just wanted to mention that the Plateau is home to a dog cafe called Centre Holistique Brandy's on Marie-Anne street near Saint-Denis. No, it's not a restaurant but they do have a very nice espresso machine, some nice baked goods for humans and dogs, and a little play room for pooch. You would be free to sit in a relaxed environment and have a nice coffee where other people would be sensitive to dogs with special challenges. I mention it if you need a little pit stop on a walk in the Plateau neighbourhood, etc. Next, please don't be insulted at the this suggestion as it's *very* casual, but as you might find a bit of humour in your situation (my life style is also dictated by pets), if I were in your position I may try to use it as an excuse to go for one very cheap eat night to Montreal's famous fast food joint Orange Julep founded in 1932: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibeau_O...
                  with the hugest parking lot where you can get a burger, fries and Julep on the cheap and visit a Montreal landmark at the same time. Huge parking lot, and easy to watch your dog from one of the tables. Yes, it's a fast food joint but I love going there and I know other Chowhounders mention it as a favourite.

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                    I agree you might find parking in outremont opposite some of the restos mentioned above rumi, lemeac, croissanterie figaro, juni , chez levesque, all in laurier street area, there are several good restaurants on van horne near parc where you likely could find parking in front of resto eg: Christophe, Paris beurre, tonnere de brest, van horne restaurant or on bernard street, les enfants terribles, cafe souvenir, moulerie--all of these have windows overlooking street and the ones on bernard are less fine dining but certainly have good food and ambience..Damas on parc avenue is another possibility. Also near van horne on lajoie is terrace justine on sidestreet so easy parking in front, not expensive and reviews always seem good.


                    400 coups is fine dining in old montreal but may be of interest as does have large windows+ parking opposite, but again you have to be lucky to get a spot but they are located in less busy area than many restos in old montreal. If you go early you are more likely to get a good parking place and your dog could enjoy a walk down near the water..Even if fine dining you dont have to dress up and prices are quite reasonable for the main course and if you go at lunch during week the businessman lunch menus are a good deal even in the high end restos so I wouldnt rule them out till you check out menus.. vallier or brit and chips in old montreal, both on mcgill are also places where you could enjoy a moderately priced meal and if lucky get visible parking


                    Cluny bar on edge of old montreal might interest you as not only do they have delicious sandwiches it is named after their mascot a dog + is in an area where parking can be easy


                2. I'd recommend Tripolis in Parc Extension. It's a small Greek place that's quite nice. It's not fine dinning, but I doubt you'd be disappointed.

                  Parking there is on the if-fy side. There is definitely street parking, but not sure about getting one in site of the resto.

                  Tripolis Souvlaki Restaurant
                  679 St Rock, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

                  1. for fine dining, perhaps you ought to try calling those restaurants with valet - usually they have 3 or 4 reserved parking spots outside of their restaurant. Perhaps the likes of mythos (i think they have valet, havent been in a few years) would be willing to leave your car within view from your table on a not so busy night. they have a terrace so it could work out.

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                      Just thought I'd pipe in again and say that I agree with others about Outremont as I just succeeded in parking with a friend close to Rumi's. Given a bit of luck and perhaps an early dinner (or a much later one) to miss the rush period, it wouldn't be impossible to find parking outside a nice terrace. Also, usually parking on Saint Dénis or Mont-Royal avenue is difficult on a weekend, but a later afternoon or early evening on a weekday night, at that time of year, might not be impossible to get a window seat for dinner to monitor a parked car outside. Anyway, worth trying. You may have to circle around in your car a bit, but you may not have to drive all that far to enjoy a good meal downtown without stressing your dog.

                      5198 Rue Hutchison, Outremont, QC H2V4A9, CA

                    2. romados (portuguese) is good