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Mystery Brews, Copper Bell, ST Cloud, Four Hand

MOREKASHA Jun 21, 2011 09:22 AM

Just saw these 3 @ a whole paycheck. The Copper Bell was brewed in Rochester NY. No other info. Are these WF new prvate label?

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  1. JessKidden Jun 21, 2011 10:48 AM

    They are private brands offered by the Winery Exchange, which contracts with Genesee and other breweries (both in the US and foreign) to brew the brands, and are then are sold through either one or a number of different retailers, depending on brand and region.

    Here's their page for Copper Bell http://www.wineryexchange.com/beer.as... , use the pull down menu under "SELECT A BRAND TO LEARN MORE" for the others two brands (and the many other WE brands). Each page usually has a link to a separate website for the specific brand, and will list the retailer(s) which offer the label.

    Apparently a slightly different business arrangement than the true retailer private labels like the numerous Trader Joe's brands, that are sold only through their stores and are contracts between TJ's and the breweries without the "middleman" of a company like Winery Exchange.

    "Rochester, NY" on a beer label is usually a going to be a Genesee brewed contract beer, ditto for "Utica, NY" (Matt), "Wilkes-Barre, PA" (The Lion), "Cold Spring, MN" (Cold Spring), "La Crosse, WI" or "Latrobe, PA" and soon "Memphis, TN" (City), "Monroe, WI" (Huber/Minhas), "New Ulm, MN" (Schell's), etc. As luck would have it, most of the old line breweries that do a substantial contract business don't have local competition.

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    1. re: JessKidden
      MOREKASHA Jun 21, 2011 01:44 PM

      Wow, that's anew one on me. Not quite a private label, not even a contract brew. A virtual contract brew. Hmmm, now I know why WF is pushing them so hard.

      1. re: MOREKASHA
        JessKidden Jun 21, 2011 02:48 PM

        Check out some of the other brands- while those 3 WF-carried brands seem exclusive to them, many of the others seem to be sold in several different various grocery chains and other retailers (altho' they all could have share a common parent company- grocery is one of the few industries that's still has local and regional stores, but in many cases one parent corporation owns a number of different chains) .

        Like this one, say http://www.rjkingwingwalker.com/ or http://www.sevenkingsbeer.com/ Sold in 4 different chains, including Big Lots (!).

        Yeah, a seemingly pretty unique arrangement on Winery Exchange's part, but it seems to working for them and is probably easier for both the breweries and the retailers.

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