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Jun 21, 2011 09:04 AM

Sunday dinner/Monday lunch in Bologna

My husband and I will be in Bologna for 24 hours-- too short already, but now I'm realizing that many of the places that are recommended in other Bologna posts are closed on Sunday night and Mondays. We're open on whether it is casual or fancy, cheap or not cheap, as long as it's good. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. We are currently in Bologna and on Sunday night we went to Da Amerigo which is about an hours drive out of Bologna, but worth it. We found eating outside of Bologna better than in the city, if you can manage it.

    We also had a cheap lunch at Trattoria del Rosso which I think may be open on Monday and had the 10E menu, but we thought it was pretty average. Good if you are on a budget, cheerful, but not great food.

    Trattoria del Rosso
    Via Righi 30, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 40126, IT

    Da Amerigo (Amerigo dal 1934)
    Via Marconi, 16, Savigno, Emilia-Romagna 40060, IT

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      Thanks for your reply. I've read great reports on Da Amerigo-- we were hoping to stay in town, but perhaps we'll motivate.

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        We had a wonderful Sunday evening dinner at Ristorante da Nello al Montegrappa. It's central, inexpensive and the food was excellent with plenty to choose from. Please save room for their panna cotta!

        I've written more about it here -

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          Thanks so much for the link and the excellent report. Sounds delicious.