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Jun 21, 2011 08:53 AM

Locally made American cheese

I was grilling burgers last night and decided to go with the good ol' Kraft American "cheese" for a topping. I love a good burger with American cheese, but the Kraft version can't be my only option.

Does anyone buy a locally made American cheese and if so, from where? I'm in the NE burbs, so most of the cooptions aren't exactly close. I'm right by the WBL Kowalski's, so that is probably my first stop.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bongard's makes a really good American cheese, only one I will use, they are from MN.

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      I use only Wisconsins Carr Valley on my cheese board at Tria, Kowalskis carryies a nice assortment.

      5959 Centerville Rd Ste 100, Saint Paul, MN 55127

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        Its not local but Boars Head does a fine yellow and white american cheese. Byerly's has it...and they also have some smoked wisconsin cheese that is fantastic on smoked provolone, swiss, etc. Both are not branded I believe and around $5/lb.

        I love good cheese and all varieties and only eat american on burgers and grilled cheese but something about it on a burger...I have had every other cheese and still go back to american. It doesnt have to be fancy to be good. Carr Valley is fantastic cheese. I buy it regularly....not sure about melt though if its a cheddar. Great cheese though. You can also buy bricks (2lbs) of Tillamook at Costco. For a basic cheap cheddar or sharp cheddar I dont think that price can be beat. $6.79 or around there.

        1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

    2. I saw Boar's Head in the deli case at Kowalski's for $4.49 a pound. I didn't notice any of the other brands mentioned.

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        I would go with Boar's Head deli, too.

      2. The Seward Coop has packaged a cheese themselves that look like squares of American cheese. It has no name and it is not processed, but it is delicious. It's very mild - almost like a mild colby.I always think it'd make a great grilled cheese sandwich or it'd be great on a burger. Unfortunately, I end up eating it just out of the package because it's so good before I get to do anything with it.

        It's in the first aisle as you enter the store, towards the end on the right side. It is hanging.

        1. Although I don't believe they sell American cheese, the Dairy Sales Room on the U of M's St. Paul Campus sells very locally produced cheeses on Wednesdays from 2 to 5pm.

          As fat as burgers are concerned, they sell a kind of Americanized, de-smelledified blue cheese called Nuworld that I like. It has that kind of molten vinyl quality that works for me. Locally invented I believe.