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Jun 21, 2011 08:35 AM

Any Experiences with Wedding Receptions on St John

Hi - We're looking at a small wedding reception on St John for this winter. I was hoping some people would like to share their experiences, highs and lows about the process. I can't imagine its an easy task to pull off.


St John
26 St John St, Islington EC1M 4AY, United Kingdom

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  1. We are regular visitors to St. John and I know several people who were married on STJ.

    How many people are you taking about?

    Caneel and the Westin are probably the only two places that are equiped to handle a crowd. I have seen stunning outdoor receptions at Caneel.

    I think some of the restaurants like Zozo's (one of the best on the island and in a great location) would be available for private parties. Entrees at Zozo's start in the mid-high $30s.

    Depending on your group size and lodging, some of the large villas will allow receptions on site and there are some great chefs on the island that specialize in this type of on-site catering.

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      It's tough to gauge how many people would be coming due to the cost, I would think maybe 30-40. We would love to rent a villa and hire a chef, but it seems like a daunting task.

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        A villa that would be able to accomodate that many guests for a reception will run $15,000 and above, probably more like $20,000 a week, during high season. Viva Vacations and Cartered To villa rental agencies are two on-island villa management companies that I would recommend contacting if you want to go the villa route. Both have been in business a long time and are very professional.

        As far as caterers, these two get great reviews - Mathayom and Katilady. I believe Katilady also does wedding planning. We have used Katilady for small stuff and were pleased each time.

        The USVI On Line travel forum has a dedicated St. John forum and if you wandered over there and asked this question, I know you would get some responses from people who were married on STJ and could recommend wedding planners as well as give you ideas on what to expect.