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Tipping on self serve? Really?

I can deal w/ Starbucks and all having a tip jar. But, I went to a self serve yogurt place where you get your own, put it on the scale and the person takes your money. I was surprised to see a tip jar. Why a tip in that situation?

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    1. re: Karl S

      LOL, can I use it as such? It actually had a sign that said, "TIPS" on it, though maybe I skimmed it too quickly and it really said "SPIT.":-)

    2. Because people can be guilted into feeling cheap by not tipping is why.

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      1. re: inaplasticcup

        Yeah, probably and that brings another pet peeve of mine--when checking out, so many stores now ask you to donate money to their chosen cause. I don't believe in guilty giving.

        1. re: chowser

          That's exactly my thought. I'm so damn sick and tired of being asked to give to a cause at every store, especially grocery. NO! to all of them!
          I hate being put in a pickle.

          1. re: monavano

            Me too. And then, the store gets a tax credit for my charitable donation :(

      2. If it's a she, and she has a nice smile, I tip.

        1. I don't find it necessary to tip in that situation and I often wonder why the owner of the shop thinks it's OK. The kid at the register is just trying to make a little more money, but most supermarket checkers would like that too.

          1. Some yogurt places have smoothies and such that are made by the cashier. I'd hope that the jar is for these instances. I agree though. I think that there is some secret plan to start making us think that our change isn't ours and should just be thrown away.

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            1. re: Lixer

              I could see in that case, marginally, but in this case, there's nothing but taking money. Nothing else is offered, not even drinks.

              1. re: Lixer

                <<I think that there is some secret plan to start making us think that our change isn't ours and should just be thrown away.>>>

                Ha Ha! I totally agree! It all started with those random bowls showing up everywhere...holding all those "useless" pennies! LOL

                I think you are on to something...I think we are all being brainwashed.... :D

              2. Those darn overpaid yogurt cashiers and those nasty owners that dont pay them a six figure salary...

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                1. re: byrd

                  Let's not act like it's a huge crime that yogurt cashiers don't get paid lots of money now...

                  1. re: inaplasticcup

                    tar and feather the owner and the cashier
                    ;) ;) ;)

                    1. re: byrd

                      I'm really more the kinder, gentler, waterboarding type, thanks. ;) ;) ;)

                2. I regularly tip my local Chinese food place even when I do takeout. As a result, I always get free sodas, egg rolls, wontons, soup and tea and the chef personally notices from way in the back when I come in and comes out to greet me with a "My, friend, it has been a while since I have seen you!" and always knows what I like and how spicy to prepare dishes (I am not afraid of heat and eat those hot red peppers like crazy). I like to think the food is prepared with extra care and I'm sure it is, but it has always been very good so I can't really tell. It's well worth the extra dollar or two for the personalized service. I also make sure to compliment when I think something is exceptionally good. I think they notice and appreciate that.

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                  1. re: LorenM

                    I tip on take out but this is self service. It would be like tipping the gas station guy for taking my money after I pumped my own gas.

                    1. re: LorenM

                      when they do something extra for you, then it's great to leave them a little extra.

                      But if the OP walked in, selected a yogurt flavor, retrieved the cone, held it under the spout, and carried it up to the register to be weighed, I'm missing what it is that someone has done to earn a gratuity.

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        Yes, this is not the 1,994th iteration of the Tipping on Takeout threads. We've burned those through the center of the Earth.

                      2. re: LorenM

                        I don't tip on takeout at my Chinese place, because the cashier there is usually one of the owners, but i always tip the delivery guy well (Usually $5 on anything between $10-30) and he only has to drive about three blocks. Yeah I'm lazy. It's amazing how when you tip well and you call back sometime soon after how fast your food comes. One night I called and it was pouring and my check was $24, so I handed him $30 and told him to keep it and apologized. TGhe next weekend I ordered and they said 30-40 minutes and my food arrived in 11, haha! Something tells me some other customer had to wait an extra 20 for their General Tso's!

                      3. I'd walk in with my own damn tip jar and throw the change my way. Great job with that yogurt pour, thank me very much.

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                        1. I think I'd go in next time, take the tip jar and fill it up with yogurt and leave it on the counter and walk out, never to return.

                          1. My fishmonger's got the best guys working behind the counter -- very nice, efficient and skilled. No tip jar for them. But the cashiers got one. All they do is the ring the purchase. And, no, the tips aren't shared. Talk about backward!

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                            1. Haha, and let me guess. That was after spending 85 cents an ounce. I heard about this. I wish them luck, but the first cool month, that place will be a thing of the past.