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Jun 21, 2011 08:24 AM

Trying to find a French Wine

Anyone know how you can go about ordering a wine that the LCBO doesnt carry? I was in France and tried this fantastic wine and am hoping to get some over here. I understand there is laws against ordering wine from Europe -- just wondering if anyone has had any success ordering hard to find wines. Thx!

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  1. Many wines aren't listed at the LCBO but are available from the importer. If you knew the exact name of the wine and producer, you could try searching with GOOGLE for it and you may find that it's avalable here.

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    1. You will have to name the wine producer, Appellation, and vintage to get any reasonable help.
      If it is not imported, there may be something similar already here, or you may be able to import a case, if practical.

      1. The name of the wine is Fronton Chateau Coutinel Cuvee Elyxir 2005

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          It is not readily available, although the reviews are good. You would have to import a cask, and the LCBO won't help.
          I would look for a Cahors from the same vintage. Do you have a Vintages consultant?

        2. I do not -- how do I go about getting a VIntages consultant?

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            That is easy! Just ask for the Vintages consultant in any large LCBO. Don't accept substitutes, as they may still be learning. It's best to avoid Saturdays when they are swamped. Ask about private imports as well as wines from the southwest of France that might be similar. Truth is, you found a local gem, and Decanter agreed, but there may not be anything here as good at the same low price.

          2. Actually, the LCBO has a private wine ordering service ... it can take months, but they will endeavor to bring in a wine you like that they don't list ... more info can be found on their website at: