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Jun 21, 2011 08:14 AM

Fresh sausage recipes - your favorites

Since there are many home made sausage makers on Chowhound and since my search results have turned up next to nothing on Chow, I'm soliciting recipes.

Typically one only needs to post an ingredient list and proportions.

For those without sausage making equipment - it can be formed into patties or rolled to resemble a sausage.

I'll post one recipe to start.

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  1. Civapcici

    5 lbs ground beef
    1 medium yellow onion, ground
    10 cloves garlic, pressed
    1 cup parsley,finely chopped
    1 tbsp paprika
    2 tsp cayenne
    1 tbsp black pepper, ground
    1 tbsp salt
    1 cup water

    Combine all and mix thoroughly.

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    1. re: rosetown

      Homemade Mexican Chorizo

      1 lb ground lean pork, ground turkey can be substituted
      1/4 cup cider vinegar
      2 tablespoons chili powder
      1 tablespoon sweet paprika
      1 teaspoon ground cumin
      1 teaspoon table salt
      1 teaspoon garlic powder
      1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
      1/2 teaspoon dried oregano, crushed
      1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
      1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
      1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

      1 Combine chili powder, paprika, cumin, salt, garlic powder, coriander, oregano, red pepper flakes, ground cloves and black pepper in mixing bowl and stir until well combined.

      2 Add cider vinegar and stir until dry ingredients are moistened.

      3 Add ground meat and knead until spice mixture is well incorporated into the meat.

      4 You can use the chorizo immediately, but for best flavor development, place chorizo mixture in an airtight container and store overnight in fridge.

      5 Form chrizo meat into small patties or just scramble and fry the meat in a skillet until done.

        1. re: Antilope

          Out of strange curiosity.. has anyone encountered a veggie sausage?

          made with non animal casing of course.


          maybe something like a boudin with veggie?

          1. re: lestblight

            This is a tough one - I don't know of synthetic casings that are soft enough. This is deserving of its own thread - a shout out to all vegetarians.

          2. re: Antilope

            nice find - all scanned in - so not able to copy and paste, or search - love the print quality and the fact that these are 20 to 40 years old.

            edit: this was in reply to Antilope post 4

            1. re: rosetown

              Yes, that's a drawback of the old recipes, Google scanned in microfilms. They did run OCR for the catalog search, but maybe due to quality of the original, the catalog has a lot of errors. I usually just type recipes into a word processor.

              There is a Google search page for the newspaper archive, here's the link"


              Select "no price" for free articles, some papers have a pay per view policy.

              Under "with all of the words" enter HOMEMADE SAUSAGE
              You can enter a date range or leave it blank. Don't enter a newspaper name
              unless you want to search a specific newspaper.

              To find articles with actual recipes, under "with at least one of the words" I


              That filters out stories about sausages that don't contain recipes.

              1. re: rosetown

                If you want to save just particular recipes, you can focus in on that one on the page, make it as big as possible on the page but still able to see the whole recipe, then simultaneously hit Alt and Print Screen on your keyboard to copy it. You can then paste it into a word doc. Not the best quality but readable.

              2. re: rosetown

                I love the cevaps at my local Bosnian restaurant.

                (Cafe Pita + in Houston.)

              3. My personal favorite, a recipe given to me by a dear friend who happened to be old-fashioned Italian but alas, no longer with us. Actually it wasn't "given" to me, but I was shown and participated in the whole process. Tweaked (more hot stuff) to my personal preferences.

                1 hind leg of pork, deboned and skinned, all gristle, glands, silverskin removed (reserve skin for cotechino, bones for stock, gristle/glands/silverskin for the dog)
                (about 16kg of meat)
                Grind coarse
                Thoroughly mix with
                3 TBL salt per 2kg of meat (with 16 kg, thats 24TBL)
                2 handfull fennel seed
                1 handful black pepper
                2 handfull crushed chili
                2 handful cayenne

                stuff into casings (or not) and refrigerate overnight to let flavours develop. Cook during the week or freeze.

                Carmine's instructions: don't change the salt to meat ratio. Not enough, the sausages won't cure properly (he'd air dry, I use nitrites when air drying, but thats a whole other topic, right?), too much and its too salty.

                As a by-product, we'd make cotechino, a skin sausage. Grind pork skin, season with salt (see ratio above), fennel seed, black pepper, crushed chili, cayenne as desired, stuff into casings, cook in sauce for an hour or so - wickedly decadent and delicious.

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                1. re: porker


                  Carmine's recipe: Do you air dry fresh sausage?

                  For the cotechino - what size casings and what sauce do you cook it in? Sorry if I'm being obtuse.

                  1. re: rosetown

                    C'mon, obtuse? This ain't Shawshank Redemption (remember when Tim Robbins tells the warden he's being obtuse? Got him a stint in the hole), its only a coupla questions and I'm happy to answer! Hehe.

                    When I first did sausage with Carmine, I was simply amazed. It opened a whole new world for me. I had never previously thought of doing sausage, but this was so simple and the end result was fantastic. Of course I followed his method exactly, but soon realized that once you get the basic procedure (grind meat, season, stuff), you can make any kind of sausage you like and to your preferences (you want merguez, use lamb and beef, season accordingly...breakfast sausage, use pork, and a sage-heavy seasoning...high fat.... low fat.....etc etc etc).
                    But I digress.

                    Air drying YES. Carmine used to air dry maybe 90% his sausage and I never really got it as I really liked the fresh. He also preferred his air dried sausage more on the moist side, which kinda gave me the willys.
                    Before I go further, I know theres possible health questions involved with air drying, something I was always concerned about (but now don't worry about with accepted practices). If you persue this, just educate yourself and act accordingly.

                    I now air-dry about 30% of all sausages I make (I get it now!...). Its kinda like pepperoni, but different. Quite a bit of complex flavors going on like tang, heat, fennel, etc. Carmine used only salt as a cure, but I'm a bit more cautious and use nitrites (pink salt). I stuff into natural hog casings, twist into links, and tie off the ends. I make a loop at each end and hang in my basement with a fan on it (done in fall and winter when its cool - not summer).
                    After about 7 days, I crack a link and taste. If its too moist, I let it go another 2-3 days and try again until it is dried to my liking. Cut links and put into a ziploc and into the fridge and enjoy!

                    cotechino - same size hog casing (just like an italian sausage). I like cooking it in a tomato (spaghetti) sauce. Nothing like skin!

                    1. re: porker

                      'Obtuse' describing my post was just plain wrong - couldn't get the right word after my 2nd glass of wine. I mean't 'opaque', as in thick, as in not getting it. I'ts too early for wine and I'm, at present, thinking clearly.

                      Had one described the warden as 'opaque' one would have gotten worse than the hole. LOL

                  2. re: porker

                    This is now on my list of sausages..... home-made sausage has changed the way we eat. Well, to be more accurate, grinding my own meat has changed the way we eat.

                  3. This turkey sausage recipe was on Hubert Keller's show yesterday. He formed it into links with plastic wrap, explaining that he was doing it that way since for most home cooks, sausage-making equipment is too much fuss and this comes out just as well while being a lot easier.

                    1. Darn I guess I thought this was a thread about what to do with your fresh sausage, not how to make it!!

                      Anyone have any ideas on what to make w fresh maple pork sausage, besides fried up next to eggs for breakfast? Thanks in advance!

                      1. I was thinking (wrongly) that there might be more interest.
                        So, here are a few links that are sausage specific. Thanks to all contributors.


                        In the above forum there are discussions regarding Len Poli, a pillar, a giant, of sausage making - link below:

                        Guided by the above link, I've download close to 200 recipes.

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                        1. re: rosetown

                          I guess people don't want to be around while sausage is being made. ;-)

                          1. re: Antilope

                            Thats odd:
                            It's a group working together:
                            - wine
                            - a number of giggling teenagers
                            - Mrs Wienerschlider, who's animated with oohs and ahs, and tiny squeals while puncturing the casing with a hat pin to prick the air bubbles
                            - an afternoon of fun

                            1. re: Antilope

                              Coupla years ago I decided to make sausage on Oct 31. Mrs. Porker was handing out treats to the kids and some would ask what I was doing at the table (sausage paraphenalia and meat).
                              She said I was grinding up all the BAD kids.
                              OK was halloween afterall...