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Jun 21, 2011 08:08 AM

Gilroy - LIZZARAN - Highway 101 road stop - Tapas and other Spanish menu items

Gilroy - there is a place to dine if one is going to the Gilroy Outlet Malls on Leavesley Road - just head into town and the main street Old Town to the former very elaborate City Hall building where the interior was remodeled skillfully to house a surprising "chain" restaurant LIZZARAN (website - hats off to Chowhounder Melanie Wong for this one. This is apparently a European "chain" with 200 other outlets scattered across the continent and a few now showing up in the US -with Gilroy of all places but it is the Garlic Capitol of the World so the town has good culinary breeding.

It is a "Spanish" restaurant with a lovely array of tapas which we sampled. I had the cold selection from the display case - 6 different selections for $9 - all perfect. And DH ordered the hot tapas sampler plate with bacon wrapped dates, delectable olives, potatoes Brava, and calimari with dipping sauce - the plate did not come out as hot as one would expect but it was good enough so we did not send it back - service was a bit lazy at this time of mid-afternoon so they do need to pay attention to that.

But overall it was a great discovery, has easy on and off access to Highway 101 into Gilroy and very worthy of mention for any road trips on this highway and particularly for those going shopping at the Gilroy Outlets which are about the only remaining Outlet Malls still drawing crowds after their over-proliferation in our state a number of years ago.

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  1. Thanks for checking out Lizarran. Let me get my photos together and post on my visits there. The items in the cold display case are all PINTXOS, a skewered style of Basque tapas.

    In the meantime, here's the slideshow of Lizarran's tapas art (click on "slideshow" and then "show info" for captions)

    The Restaurants & Bars linking is still buggy for some Gilroy addresses. Here's the url for the right link:
    (I removed a duplicate this morning.)

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      Finally posted about Lizarran . . . check out this place before it's too late. It doesn't seem to be thriving.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Tried to go for lunch here with Mom yesterday noon, 2-26-12. Big notice on front door that they closed their business -- boo hoo :(

    2. Stopped by for a late-afternoon break on the drive from Monterey to Berkeley. The pinxtos are a great value: $1.75 each or six for $9. Piquillo pepper stuffed with tuna salad and tortilla topped with smoked samon were very good. Also had a $15 meat plate (tabla de embutidos), good though no bargain.

      Rioja by the glass for $8 was OK, nothing special. Had to send back the txacoli I originally ordered because it had been open too long and apparently they didn't have a cold bottle to replace it.