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Jun 21, 2011 07:43 AM

Quick Trip Update

Harford Arms

was great - they soda bread and butter was amazing could have eaten that all night, mains were very good and dessert was excellent - service there was excellent, had mentioned that i didnt like soda bread however this changed my opinon and she gave us a loaf to go - was so nice, also swapped out an ale that i thought was ok for another that was really good - def recommend

masters superfish, kind of depressing inside, and the food was borderline unedible - soggy chips, soggy fish, no flavor to either - was digusting and a bummer - not sure how they got so many good reviews on this board but it was pretty gross - our friend swore ketchup tasted different outside the us so he was wrong heh

viajane is on tap for tonight - took the marcus wareing at the berkely out it was overkill

having fun so far!

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  1. Glad about Harwood Arms. Pacing yourself is essential! Enjoy.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      Dapuma, just out of interest, where are you from? When I first moved to the UK from New Zealand, I thought the fish and chips here were terrible, much like you described them, whereas I was used to crispy, light batter, fresh fish and crispy chips, so couldn't understand the fuss over the heavy stuff served up here. I have kind of come around to it, but still wouldn't rate them!

      1. re: pj26

        Odd - I find good UK F&C's to be on par with good Aussie F&C's - not soggy or heavy at all. That said it is a very long time since I had F&C in London tending to only try them by the sea. Maybe great London F&C's aren't the same as great UK F&C's.

        1. re: PhilD

          I've only had fish and chips at J. Sheekey (well, actually, eaten a good bit of my daughter's, in addition to my own Dover sole), and it was beautifully crispy on the outside and succulent inside. However, the price of fish and chips at J. Sheekey is quite high, compared to places like Masters Superfish.

        2. re: pj26

          from US Arizona, but grew up in the us midwest where there was fish fry almost every friday at some place - so IMO i know what good fish and chips are

          we had fish and chips at some touristy place for a quick bite for lunch and they were better than masters...was pretty funny

          viajante was great - they made you feel very at home each course was a suprise and they threw in lots of extra courses and hooked us up with extra wine and champange - great pre dinner drink - prob best place so far IMO

          Dinner was great as well - i think if you order perfectly dinner could be better but there are certainly lots of things that are ok not great on the menu

          i think a perfect order would be: meat fruit (how cool and delicious is that - dont want to ruin it for anyone but get it) then pigeon for a main with a side of the triple cooked chips and mushroom ketchup and tipsy cake for dessert

          the scallop app - filet main - tart dessert were good but not excellent where the other items we ordered were excellent and justified the price

          1. re: Dapuma

            Excellent. I think planning your Dinner menu as you did was brilliant. Your research is paying off. That would be my selection as well.

            1. re: Dapuma

              Brown's was great the Mrs loved it the best of every place we went

              scones and clottted cream and strawberry preserves and rose is a winning combo

              i was so so on the sandwiches but the mrs loves the salmons one i was ok with the egg ones but i ate alot of scones

              st johns was almost as disaapointing as masters superfish with everything underseasoned tradition means flavorless unfortunatly - the mrs loved the chocolate cake dessert, i got pigeon which Dinner destroyed in every way - appatizer was crab on brown bread which tasted like tuna on bread and the new potatoes tasted like boiled potatoes with no salt - her main was the roast pig shoulder which was average at best

              however the end of the night was saved by Purl Cocktails - which made some amazing drinks

              however after the theatre and browns we went to rules

              which would not sever us food upstairs (aggro) however made a crazy good negroni

              wicked was fun off to paris tomorrow

              1. re: Dapuma

                Thanks so much for reporting. I agree with St. John's. I like it only for breakfast.

                St. John
                26 St John Street, London EC1M 4AY, GB

            2. re: pj26

              I agree. While I've become used to English batter, the antipodean style is much more delicate, in my mind almost like tempura.

              I suppose the English stodginess does have the advantage that the fish is insulated better from the oil, so in theory fish should stay moister. If it's cooked properly, that is!

          2. You should have sent back the soggy fish at Master's. I'm not sure why you had such bad luck there, but that's not their usual way of serving fish and chips. Surely it wouldn't have the good votes it gets if it was consistently that terrible.