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Jun 21, 2011 07:43 AM

Need help planning 25th wedding anniversary trip


My husband and I are headed to Northern California(from SF to Big Sur) for a week. Long overdue trip and not alot of time to do research.

Any and all recommendations for fabulous restaurants, gourmet shops, bakeries, etc are needed. We are planning on 2 big splurges. I am thinking Post Ranch Inn for maybe one of them....any thoughts?

Our plan is maybe to have more nice lunches and to hit up Gourmet food shops for evening picnics(location suggestions for this would be great also.

Really appreciate any and all help possible to make a memorable trip.


  1. Most people will tell you without more specifics about your trip (general budget, where you're staying and how long you'll be in the SF area, food likes/dislikes, etc.) it would be hard to recommend anything specific.

    That said, here are four relatively recent threads that related to similar trips to San Francisco (family trips/honeymoons and/or first times here) and gained a lot of responses. You might want to take a look at and then ask more specific questions based on these threads.

    As far as Big Sur, that request needs to be directed to the California board, if you haven't done so already :)

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    1. re: josquared

      Haven't made all plans yet but renting a car at SF airport and driving to Monterey/Carmel and then on to Big Sur.
      Actually open to suggestions. Will take 4 days to do this part of trip then base ourselves in San Jose for day trips.

      1. re: Terriwth4

        I'm confused... are you actually spending any time in SF?
        You are staying in San Jose and doing day trips to where? Getting from San Jose to SF, can be a nightmare in traffic...

        Also, do not count on doing fancy upscale lunches. This strategy works on the East Coast and in Europe (it is normally my strategy as well), but it does not work here because 99% of highend restaurants are closed for lunch. Also it can get chilly/foggy here in the evenings, so doing lunch picnics make more sense anyway.

        Some more info about what wows you/interests you would help with suggestions... there are hundreds of amazing restaurants of all cuisines and all price ranges; it is impossible to give good recommendations without knowing more about you.

        1. re: lrealml

          Have been to San Francisco many times. We may spend one day there but am ok with info if that works.

          It isn't that I want fancy lunches as much as I want good food/experiences. We are driving from SF to Monterey/Carmel and then onto Big Sur.

          I have my eye on the Post Ranch Inn for one of our meals. I am looking for recommendations for the drive along Route One from Monterey to Big Sur.

          Does not need to be expensive just places that have good food, maybe a good view... mostly looking for "insider" suggestions.

          Also, not looking to do just lunches just thought when you are driving you need to eat!

          It would be great to know "must stops" along Route One beyond food as well...thnx

          1. re: Terriwth4

            For that 30 mile drive make you California board request more specific. Non food stops i.e. travel info is not the purpose of this board.

            1. re: wolfe

              Gotcha......have just benefitted by others adding the extra info on other boards. Can you offer any Food info for that 30 miles?

              Also .......have already put this on California board

              1. re: Terriwth4

                Try the freshly baked artichoke bread and homemade cheese spreads at Arcengeli and head to the beach, but don't forget your jackets. Or the restaurant is very good as well. Assuming you are heading down Highway one from SF
                also check out Rocky Point Grill--if its still open--the view can be incredible. its probably the only restaurant I can think of on the ocean once you are south of Carmel very far and before you get into Big Sur

                1. re: ROCKLES

                  Wow.....this is great and exactly the type of info I was seeking to help plan the road trip.

                  Keep it coming!

    2. Since the OP's primary interest is in the Monterey/Big Sur area and she has already posted on the California board, we are locking this thread. Please continue any non-Bay Area specific discussion on the California board.