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Jun 21, 2011 07:04 AM

Rocco's Dinner Party

Did anyone happen to see this? I just watched the episode from last week off of my dvr and was pleasantly surprised. I know Rocco doesn't seem to get a lot of love around here, but the focus seems to showcase the participating chefs. Three chefs presented their signature dish to Rocco, and two of those were chosen to cook and create the ambience for the speakeasy-themed dinner party. Guests included Marcus Samuelsson, Kelly Choi and ~4 others. Last minute twists included one of the guests being vegetarian and the other not consuming alcohol, but otherwise the chefs were able to create their own menus and didn't have any of the other stunts/obstacles so they could focus on their food. I can't remember the time constraints but they seemed pretty tight.

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  1. I agree. It was better than I expected. I liked the absence of mandatory ingredients a la "Chopped." Just a straightforward assignment to prepare a lovely dinner. I will probably watch it again.

    1. I was originally not going to watch, but decided to give Rocco the benefit of the doubt and was also pleasantly surprised. Still not a fan of Rocco, but the format was nice. I was also surprised with the twist and the fact that they were able to just provide the single plate for the vegetarian and not have to completely redo the entire menu, which I think is more realistic. I will give it another look.

      1. I found his 1-on-1 judging surprisingly snarky - didn't expect that from him. We'll see if it continues - its it part of the premise?

        Looks like Magical Elves - does anyone know? My DVR cut off the credits.

        1. I thought the show was rubbish. It's somewhere between top chef and real housewives, and probably closer to the latter. I don't think this show really fills any void.

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            To each his own. I can't stand to watch any of the "Real Housewives" shows for half a minute but I thought this was pretty good.

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              "It's somewhere between top chef and real housewives"

              . . . and the 2 will collide next week. This is simply another way of recycling the franchise. Look for more NJ/NY housewives, top chef hosts/contestants, and other reality-celebs to appear on the show as Rocco runs out of chic friends willing to expose themselves on reality TV for a career boost or free meal.

            2. sorry i would never watch any "Rocco" anything

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                so why bother participating in the thread?