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Jun 21, 2011 06:59 AM

Help! Pan doesn't fit...

I just purchased a coveted Mauviel roasting pan- and have discovered the handles make it too large for my apartment-sized oven. The door remains about 1/4" open, allowing heat to escape. What is the best way to compensate? Put a towel over the space, raise the temperature, cook foods longer? Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Apologies if this is a daft solution - I'm only suggesting it as it happened to me! - but have you tried turning the pan the other way?

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    1. re: ultimatepotato

      lol I wish I had an oven large enough to have that option! Tiny, tiny oven...thanks anyway! Glad you got your problem solved. Happy cooking!

      1. re: Buttonqueen

        OK, maybe another daft solution, but have you tried placing it in the oven diagonally? A pan sometimes fits that way when it won't any other way.

        1. re: blondelle

          AHA! I tried that before writing to Chowhound and it didn't work. But after getting this answer, I tried again and got the angle right. It works!!!

          Two heads are better than one. Thanks!

          1. re: Buttonqueen

            Make sure you can pull it out easily though!! Don't burn yourself.

            Otherwise, congrats!!!!

            1. re: cutipie721

              After my experience today, my next purchase will be a pair of serious oven mitts! Those handles getvreally HOT!!


    2. Why not return it and exchange it for one that fits?

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      1. re: DPGood

        Bought the last one left on sale at half price- thought I had a real "bargain."

        1. re: Buttonqueen

          A good excuse to purchase a new oven? :-)

      2. I agree with DPGood. Exchange it for a smaller one. I don't think you want to be cooking with the oven door open. Especially during the summer!

        1. Return it for something else. If you can't return it, maybe you could sell on eBay or Amazon Marketplace. Or maybe someone here wants it. It isn't going to work as a roasting pan until you get a bigger oven.

          1. Hi, Buttonqueen:

            Sorry to hear about that! Either the pan or the oven has to go--you can't get the oven hot enough with the door ajar. I suppose you *could* have someone drill out the rivets on one handle (and save it for reattachment when you get a full-size oven), but you'd have to be very careful in the interim handling the one-armed roaster.

            Is your roaster copper? If so, and you keep your stove, I might be interested.