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Jun 21, 2011 06:59 AM

healthy pulled chicken

I am looking for a healthy version of a pulled chicken sandwich. My last attempt was pretty good, but it called for a lot of sugar (molasses) and salt and my hubby needs to watch his waistline.

Any good recipes you might have that are packed with flavor but low in calories? Thanks.

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  1. You can sub in Splenda for the sweetness of molasses.

    1. I have been substituting Agave Nectar or Stevia where recipes call for sugar or molasses. It takes a little experimenting to get the proportions right but I have been very happy with the results. Here is a link that touts the benefits of agave...

      1. For savory recipes, I generally find that cutting the amount of sugar, molasses, honey (etc) in half works for me. Also, the same goes with salt.

        In regards to losing weight, I found that cutting back on fats, oils, butter and mayo and adding little walking works too.

        1. What about replacing the sugar with some apple juice or applesauce? It's still sugar, I know, but perhaps less refined?

          1. The Golden Mustard BBQ Sauce in Cheryl and Bill Jamieson's Smoke and Spice has absolutely no sweeteners and it's pretty tasty (I've used it for pulled pork). Also, what, exactly, is "a lot" of sugar/molasses to you (and for how many servings)?

            Agree with dave_c on the walking, especially immediately following the meal!