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Jun 21, 2011 05:44 AM

Does anyone remember the Tex-R-Cana Burger (sp?) from Toby's Good Eats?

We're having a "memories of meals past" bbq and party and a friend (and guest of honour) has requested this burger but he can't remember what was on it, only that he loved it.

Does anyone remember it? Another friend thought it had a spicy ratatouille on it but that doesn't seem right does it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!

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  1. I lived on fries with cheese as a teenager....I called the remaining Toby's (411 College, just east of Bathurst) and they still serve it. It's spicy salsa and hot melted cheese (aka Toby's famous cheese sauce)

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      A bit late to the thread, but as an FYI - College is not really the "remaining Toby's". That location didn't exist until recent years, long after the chain disappeared. I guess it is somewhat of a reincarnation, or tribute.

    2. FYI - I believer it was chili, salsa and cheese sauce

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        Found an article that says "Jody Ortved (r) formerly of Toby’s Good Eats is back in the area with Bamburger" which is on Yonge Street.

        And if you check out Bamburger's menu, they have bamburger's signature cheddar cheese sauce as a topping on their burgers. Could be the same cheese sauce. But no salsa.

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            Formerly of the real Toby's Good Eats or the mistake on College?

        1. This brought back memories - I used to always order the one with sour cream and bacon (is that right?)

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            Hmmmm...don't remember sour cream and bacon together

          2. I remember it with chili & cheese; there might have been sour cream on it as ElizabethS recalls.
   I'm hungry for a burger.

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              U might be right about the salsa...