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Master Chef 6/20, spoilers

Okay I'm not even watching this show but had a couple comments after catching 30 min of it last nite. Yes Joe B. comes off as a total dick. And yes, that young kid is full of himself but he sure cooked a great French dish. Some did surprisingly well, but I was shocked the woman with the three "soups" wasn't in the bottom 3. As Joe pointed out, it wasn't soup consistency at all, more like dips. Didn't really hear the whole review of the handsome guy's food other than the flour in the mashed was a complete misfire. I was hoping the meat would save him. Do all the judges taste the dishes? I assume yes and they just show one person to save time. Ugh, when Joe goes up there and just gives a dirty look and turns around, annoying. But does this show really need to be 2 hours? I guess it does when they end each segment before the commercial with a big pause, you know, to keep you on the edge of your seats. Well hopefully people will watch Raising Hope after the Tues. editions, it's a very cute and amusing show.

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  1. It's hard for me to swallow the excessive displays of hubris on the show; from the arrogant and insecure 18-year old to the pompous Joe B. The show feels like food that wasn't fried at the right temperature....saturated in fat and unpalatable.

    1. Joe b and mighty Max are going to drive me away from this show. I also think it's intersting that this post has been up for a while and very few have posted. Maybe no ones watching or if they are they don't care enough to post.


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        i love this show

        for one, it shows people with merit yelling at people who suck. Nothing like listening to Gordon Ramsay yelling at the proles that their standards are too low to brighten my day. America is dying partly because it's built on a foundation of 'my unedumacated ideas have as much merit as your informed one.' so anything that shows the reverse is good. since 3/4's of idiot america stares at television for 8 hours a day, they might as well watch something that encourages good taste.

        for another, it's a great expose on both the mental health problems in America, and class issues that are normally repressed in the media. "my parents made me become a neural engineer and when i told them i wanted to cook they said 'you want to be a servant?'" this kind of classism and narcissistic projection of self worth onto children is endemic and motivates so many problems in the world. "my parents are so rich joel robuchon cooked my infant formula. i never worked a minute in my life and i'm still better than all of you." hahaha. Gordon saying "I'm not rich like your parents, i had to get the experience by working super hard. so i should resent you, but i care about results, so i don't."

        finally, i love joe B. Joe's facial expression of "this would be delicious if it weren't for the fact breathing the same air as you for even a minute drenches my nostrils in your stink so bad i can barely taste it." even when he likes the food. Joe finding food that sucks and going after the people who made it the same way a psychopathic toddler with a magnifying glass goes after an anthill on a sunny day. He absolutely humiliated the woman who cooked those soups. when he tasted those potatoes with flour, you could tell he was thinking about the good old days when Romans were allowed to throw servants into tanks of man eating eels that were later served (by extremely motivated servant cooks) as delicacies.

        what's not to love?

        (please calibrate sarcasm detectors before responding)

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          Applause, applause, applause. Very nicely done. :)


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            "my parents are so rich joel robuchon cooked my infant formula."

            Heh heh.

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              still, the young kid does seem to be a good cook.

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                I thought Max's team would win for sure when it went down to the last dish, cookie vs. fruit. Was the cookie terrible or are all those diners on a diet? The kid can indeed cook but he's apparently lazy and/or lacking in common sense, throwing burgers on a dirty tray with walnts.

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            I was surprised too since people responded to the first "I'm watching MC". I didn't see it last nite and as I said, it's not for me. Maybe a few more people decided that. I kind of like not cooking shows on the agenda, esp. with Rescue Me and Entourage starting up soon.

          3. I'm watching, in the absence of Top Chef. I have to admit that the arrogance of some of the competitors is driving me crazy. It looks like they already consider themselves superstars.

            1. It's okay... sure, some of the contestants seem to have tickets on themselves, but they'll either have to prove that they live up to them, or else the truth will out... it's an adequate hour's entertainment when you zap all the ad-breaks.

              1. This show is such a fake. Take a look at this screen cap taken from teh opening credits. How big is that crowd?



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                  I may well be a total meathead, but what's your point?

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                    If you look at the pic it is not a crowd of people. It is a cut and paste job, the same person shows up in multiple places. It's faked, like this show.


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                      LOL! I did not see that at first - as the producers had hoped.

                2. I have to admit that I was inspired after watching this episode (or maybe it was the last one) to make fresh pasta for the first time ever. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated, but the results were really good. Plus I had a context for how to evaluate it from the judge's comments.

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                    Similarly, the show has made me realize that I am always cooking well within my comfort zone. Eating is another matter but cooking...I stay with the things I know and like. I'd be lost and out in the first round. I wouldn't know where to start on making pasta..uh, flour, eggs, uh, make a well, uh. That's sad really. The French challenge? I don't know what I would make. Also sad. So it has inspired me to branch out, step out of my comfort zone and cook something else for a while.

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                      So at least you and I have gotten some value out of what really is a terribly staged, drama-ridden reality show. I do wonder who those contestants really are, how they have been coached to cook and/or behave and if anyone actually learns anything.

                  2. One thing I'm wondering about with the show is some strange decisions, like the raw flour and the nutmeg pasta. They're so out-of-the-blue I have to wonder if they were put up to it by someone else.

                    Since it's technically a game show, producers can't directly tell someone to sabotage their game. But nothing's stopping them from musing aloud that "great chefs take chances" and "who says pasta can't have nutmeg in it?" Since Gordon's on his better behavior in this show and most of the contestants are friendly, conflict has to come from somewhere.

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                      I know I'm late, but i just saw the episode.

                      I wondered while watching it whether Ramsay would have flipped out about nutmeg had it been in the filling instead. It's really not that out there - Fergus Henderson uses it in his gnudi (basically the filling from a ravioli without the pasta part), to international praise. There's no spinach, but I believe he finishes the plate with a brown butter and sage sauce, so the flavor profiles aren't all that different at all. I've made it - it works fine if you don't go overboard with the nutmeg (isn't this always the case with nutmeg?).

                      I bet Ramsay would have flipped out either way.

                      For Top Chef, I've defended the show's credibility and judging process. That doesn't apply here - the judging is way too calculated. If a contestant takes any license with a dish, the judges are gonna pounce on it because it makes for easy criticism that anyone in the audience can readily understand. Regardless of whether it works or tastes good. For me, that sort of kills the point of having home cooks compete - I'd much rather see what regional and family oddities people come up with that actually work, to see those compete against each other. But any contestant on this show who is smart would play it as safe as they possibly can. No one is going home for a simple, unambitious but well-executed dish until the last week or two of competition.

                    2. Finally got to see both Monday and Tuesday's shows since I DVR'd both. I'm probably mixing up both shows, as I watched one right after another, but...

                      I was also surprised the three soups woman wasn't up there. I'm *really* sick of Max, the 18yo snot from NYC; was very glad the local guy, Christian, won the initial challenge although I thought it kind of stunk he didn't have to cook. I wish the prize had been immunity, but they'd still want him to cook a dish.

                      I'll still take this over Chopped or Food Network Star ANY day. The food is almost always going to look a helluva lot better than some of the dreck put out on FNS.

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                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        Max: I made a veloot.

                        Gordon: A velootay.

                        Max: Yes, a veloot.

                        1. re: ennuisans

                          LOL! I had forgotten that! So much for that upper West Side edumacation, huh?

                      2. First time watching MC tonight ... and very briefly. What is it with Joe B and having his arms crossed in front of him all the time? Is he gonna engage everyone in a rumble or something? Come on Joe, lose the attitude the same way you did the weight. Keep your stylist though. LOL.

                        1. My little pet peeve (one among many) from last night was listening to the hysterical rant about hygiene, undercooked food, etc., and then cutting to shots of the chefs walking up to a contestant and running their presumably unwashed hands through the dish and sticking their fingers in their mouths to taste. WTF? Haven't you ever heard of a TASTING SPOON?!!!

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                            Yes, I noticed Joe stuck his finger into the coffee cream, while Graham took a tasting spoon. It wasn't until AFTER he did that that Joe got a spoon (I think handed to him *by* Graham) and tasted more of it.

                            SHAME on Joe B.

                          2. What's up with all the crying and insecurity on the show?
                            Gordo looked at my dish sideways. Boo-hoo!

                            It could be the editing where they show only the female contestants crying, but I'd hate to work with these people who cry over criticism. Actually, I have. It meant for more work for everyone else.

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                            1. re: dave_c

                              I am female, but I like Kelly Cutrone's mantra: if you have to cry, go outside. Nothing less professional than tears at work, especially over stupid stuff.

                            2. We seem to be extending this thread into this week...so I'll just say "YAY!" Max is gone. Snottily, I might add. But he's GONE. That boy has a MAJOR chip on his shoulders about Christian and a few others!

                              Have to say that Esther, their team captain, who named him and Christine as the two worst, and THEN didn't take either of their spots, is going to be looked upon unfavorably by some - including Christine. Christine really let loose on her during the Pressure Test with her evil eye looks up to the gallery and her comments. Emotional much? How about you just cook your steaks?

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                                Yay. All is right with the world of reality tv. :) Had Christine been hitting the bottle during that final cook off? I know in earlier episodes she was toting a glass while cooking.


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                                  No one likes a snotty upstart but Max was screwed by Esther - who can apparently only cook Korean food. She picked him last and then assigned him to do nothing (other than ramming the meat down the grinder), yet when the Christine screwed up the casing, they both blamed him. I was hoping for Christine to go - she's the one who claimed she can do sausage (I never heard Max claim he can make sausage, as stated by Esther) and then effed it up. And then she tries to blame it on Max, and then she acts all crazy and claims she can cook a steak....not sure how she won since she didn't sear her steak on all sides and way undercooked the well-done steak. I'm more pissed because they threw Alvin (the chubby Asian with a chemistry background) off the show for bad beignets - thought he was more creative than the others and would've liked to see him cook more stuff.

                                  1. re: Worldwide Diner

                                    I agree that Esther screwed both of them by NOT stepping up and taking one of their places.

                                    But the sausage making wasn't going to be a reason for either Max or Christine to leave - they were being judged on their steaks. And I think Christine's properly cooked rare and medium steaks put her ahead of Max's steaks in the same rounds, but I could be wrong. They were also going on flavor, and they seemed to like the garlic she added.

                                    Esther's comment when Christine was smashing garlic that she hoped Christine wasn't pretending it was her head she was smashing was funny....and I think it very well could have been just what Christine was thinking. :-)

                                    JuniorBalloon - I do recall that glass of wine from an earlier episode, but who knows with this round. She just really went off the deep end, and she's definitely not going to last.

                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                      Christine wouldn't even get through the first shift in a professional kitchen with her boo hooing. Both of them were so annoying I was wishing they could both get the boot.
                                      And that Esther, somehow just I knew she wasn't going to go down for one of them.
                                      What a poisonous bunch of personalities.

                                  2. re: LindaWhit

                                    First, the only reason Esther even made it on the show is that she cried her way into it so she's low on the list to begin with. She reminds me of Eeyore.

                                    Second, I can't believe I was actually routing for Max in the end but Christine was that odd. That uncontrollable swearing/tics?. I wonder how her kids will feel seeing her act that way?

                                    Third, Max--I wonder how proud his parents are of him when he's calling other people scumbags and saying hes embarrassed for Giuseppe and how Giuseppe should be, too. This week, he said Esther should take the blame because she was the leader and they lost. Ummmm, what happened last week? Way to step up to the plate, Max. I just know too many spoiled brat kids like him who think they're God's gift to the world, don't care what others think because they KNOW they're wonderful and have the trophies (that you get for showing up) to show for it.

                                    I'm liking Alejandra (sorry I can't spell the name).

                                    1. re: chowser

                                      <<Max--I wonder how proud his parents are of him when he's calling other people scumbags >>
                                      I would be willing to bet that Max emulates his parents' behavior. That sense of entitlement came from something other than trophies for showing up.

                                      And yes, the whole challenge was liking trying to figure out who was the lesser of two evils, but this whole show is like that. Clearly most of these contestants can cook, but ultimately they were cast because they are quirky, unpleasant, dramatic, tearful, pathetic, etc. and you can be sure that the producers encourage those behaviors.

                                      1. re: chicgail

                                        I was wondering if his parents were like that. My friend worked at Tiffany's and she said it was a far worst experience than doing fast food because of the sense of entitlement some of the people have.

                                        The producers are definitely manipulating the drama. Last season, Whitney was young and they made her come off as so like-able. Max is the opposite. Another question I have is that they made a big deal about Whitney being too young for the competition and kept harping on that. Wasn't she older than Max is?

                                        1. re: chowser

                                          The producers are definitely manipulating the drama.


                                          The judges are assisting the manipulation as well.

                                          If fairly judging how correctly cooked a steak is, one would cut down the center much like Gordon did for the well-done steaks,
                                          Joe B. cut nearly on the edge of one of the steaks and then proclaimed it overdone. Well no-shit, Sherlock. Duh.

                                          The backstabbing, belittling and generally overall piss poor attitude of both contestants and judges means this is no longer a watchable show for me.
                                          It does make me miss teh good-ole days of WWF fake wrastlin'. It least then I knew it was more theater than competition.

                                          1. re: jjjrfoodie

                                            I don't know...Joe seemed to be a lot nicer when he was chubby. He's like the fear monger now.

                                            1. re: jjjrfoodie

                                              You're right about the steak test. Not fair. Neither was having some contestants work with the apples for hours and some not.