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Jun 21, 2011 05:06 AM

Elsewhere restaurant on 43th st?

Any reviews?

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  1. I just went to Elsewhere a few weeks ago and LOVED it. We sat in their indoor garden (which feels like you're outside.) The only complaint there was that the tables were too low for the chairs. The service was delightful and I thought the food was amazing.

    We started with bacon and butter flavored popcorn and then the asparagus soup (it was so fresh and creamy and was all about the asparagus).. For my entree I ordered the chorizo crusted Pork chop which was tender and juicy - but not too salty (which I was slightly worried about given the chorizo). It was also a mammoth portion! My friend had the hanger steak, which was perfectly cooked. She didn't love the spaetzle that came with it because it had rhubarb in it as well, but I loved the sweet and sour effect it brought to the dish. I saw the roasted bone marrow go by and wished we had ordered that as well! We were running late for a show, so I didn't get to have dessert, but I thought everything else was wonderful and will definitely go back.

    Manhattan Fine Dining Examiner:

    403 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

    1. I loved it! Amazing wine service, great selection and presentation of cheeses. (It is run and owned by the Caselulla people) This is crazy delicious: Ménage-à-Trois: Stuffed Dates with Roaring Forties Blue, Almonds, Pancetta and Orange

      1. Perfect dinner before theatre.
        Fabulous food, great service, very pleasant setting, perfect wine selection-- what more could you ask for.
        Had popcorn, biscuits, bone marrow, hanger steak-- all top notch. Would make return visit anytime in the neighborhood and recommend to all others.

        403 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

        1. Very much enjoyed Elsewhere about a year ago. Does anyone know if it is stillopen? Truthfully,I think the horrible name may have been the cause of its troubles.

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            closed. Try Casellula. Same owners.