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Wedding Cake Shoppe deal

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This place gets a lot of love here, I have yet to try it but got my deal this morning.
Dealicious.ca has $15 for $32 worth of cupcakes from them as their daily deal today.

The Wedding Cake Shoppe
859 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

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  1. Nice! Thanks for the heads up. My favourite cupcakes in the city.

    1. Beat me to it (by a lot) cheesymama! Was about to post. When I saw this, I thought of you TorontoJo. *g*

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      1. So excited. Bought 2 coupons. Had these wonderful cupcakes at a wedding last month.

        1. Thanks OP. Bought one as well. Dealicious seems to have the best food/resto deals this is like my 8th purchase from them.

          1. So glad that someone else posted this early this morning, because I did not have a chance to until now!

            I bought 2 vouchers, and for those who have never been and love peanut butter, try the peanut butter cupcakes - sooooo gooooood!

            1. Just picked up my first dozen using one of my vouchers. They are definitely my favourite cupcakes -- way better than the Prairie Girl cupcakes I tried a couple of months ago. I just snarfed a vanilla/vanilla and a chocolate/peanut butter. Moist, tasty vanilla and chocolate cakes -- just dense enough to not be airy and useless. Super creamy buttercream without a hint of grit. The peanut butter frosting is just right with the chocolate cake, and the vanilla cupcake kind of makes me feel like I'm eating what vanilla extract should taste like.

              There was no crowd a "normal" selection of cupcakes at 2:00 pm today.

              I hope they get some new fans from the voucher sales. She told me they sold around 400. Hopefully at least a few dozen of those are new customers who become regular customers -- I can't imagine the value in these coupons otherwise.