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Jun 21, 2011 01:47 AM

Ribeye or steak for one at Peter Lugers

Has anyone tried the rib eye at Luger's? Should I give it a go or stick with the steak for one? I would love to get the porterhouse but my wife won't eat rare steak.

Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Get the steak for one over the ribeye (although the ribeye is fine, it's not a stand out). By the way, if your wife will eat the porterhouse if its cooked more than you'd like, it should be okay to order porterhouse for 2 since she can further "cook" her pieces on the sides of the platter when its served. Maybe not to well done but certainly past medium.

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    1. re: Steve R

      Great idea, but not likely to fly. She loves the salmon lunch deal with french fries and creamed spinach. I will make the pitch but she loves to dip the salmon in the spinach. Are all the sides except french fries portioned for 2 as per their web site? I really want to try the German potatoes but have a limited capacity.

      Also it seems very few folks have tried and none suggest the rib eye. I guess the porterhouse is the tradition for most people on the food boards. I just hope my steak is prepared rare as ordered as my first visit produced a medium rare result despite my request. Any order secrets and tips are appreciated.

      1. re: sspector

        Even most of the better restaurants in the US overcook a bit compared to what is proper and correct. This is due to the misplaced phobias that abound and the ignorance of the masses when it comes to food and cooking, I assume. I prefer a proper med rare but at most of the top steakhouses in NYC I will receive something between that and medium very often.
        Ask for bloody, perhaps, or blue.
        Honestly, the fries are better than the German potatoes even though we usually order the latter in tradition.
        And not to bring you down any further but I have heard the steak for one is not usually up to the steak for two. I have never had it but it seems plausible. I would still probably go for that option instead of the ribeye having never had either.
        Or you can set your wife straight about rare beef but at least she is ordering salmon and not steak well done. That would be objectionable. Good luck.

        1. re: dietndesire

          I can relate to his wife. I have no phobia's about rare meat, but I cannot stand the taste or texture of it. I always order medium, although I can enjoy medium rare if its a lean steak, like filet. If its a fatty cut, like skirt steak, I can't even handle has to be done more. Which may be the reason for why I find rib eye to be my least favorite steak.