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Jun 21, 2011 12:01 AM

Hokkaido Sapporo

hey board;
A lot of people have probably done this before but I figure I'd try again.
You can refer me to older posts if you like.
Mom has been in town and now we are heading up to Hokkaido this weekend
Any recs for good food? My wife has been before but it's my first time and I figure I would try to be proactive. We are traveling with a 1 year old and two moms. (should be fun for me) j/k. I am actuly used to it by now.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: FourSeasons

      Thanks man. She had me salivating on my iPhone. But it doesn't sound very child friendly.
      We have yet to have our little girl sit on a counter.

      1. re: dingaling

        Had a great meal last night around suskino called hachikyo Ofkuro store which means mother store because That is their numbering system.
        Great place. Great atmosphere Great seafood. Awesome uni.
        Amazing philosophy.
        We made a reservation and got to the restaurant on the 2n floor of a backstreet building. Fearing the worst but we were the first ones at the Place.
        The owner or president of the group was awesome. Supposedly he is a fisherman and lived in Laos. He is really into being green and protecting the environment and not wasting any kind of food. They have this special ikuradon where upon presentation he comes out to speak to all the guests. Then they will shovel ikura until you say stop. But if you can't finish it, you have to donate to this box that I think donates to an environmental charity.
        He was really cool and sincere and the staff is warm.
        The freshest seafood I will probably have.
        Highly recommend for a great time and great food.
        A really nice find

    2. Next night we went to kani hon ke. Or original kani house.
      7 traditional floors of nothing but crab.
      It's very traditional settings and you get your own tatami room.
      The first floor shows you a pool of live crabs. The crabs were good and the price was about how much a crab meal would cost and the experience is definitely prett cool.