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Jun 20, 2011 10:19 PM

Recommendations for Monday lunch

In town for wedding-related activities for a few days this weekend and we need a suggestion for lunch on Monday before heading back to CA. We don't need anything fancy, but we'd love to find a place beloved by you locals!

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    "In town" = City of Chicago = 237 square miles & >7,300 restaurants (
    "In town" = "Downtown Chicago" = up to 8 square miles (
    "In town" = Chicagoland = Metropolitan Chicago = 9,581 square miles (MSA) (

    1. Where will you be located? Not just "downtown" but give us the name of a hotel or a nearby intersection. There are lots of great lunch places but you probably don't need to (or want to) go from one part of downtown to another when there are great places close by.