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Jun 20, 2011 08:20 PM

Visiting Montauk Wed - Sun this week

Visiting Montauk this week, looking for restaurants with good seafood, maybe a nice view on the water, up for any suggestions... willing to explore neighboring towns. (other likes, Italian, New American, etc.) Thanks.

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  1. I lived in Montauk for many years but have lost touch with what is still open and might be memorable.
    But: you have several choices in Hampton Bays for waterfront dining.
    Canal Cafe is right on the Shinnecock canal and has I.M.H.O. one of the best lobster rolls. Great local seafood prepared creatively.
    Rumba also has a nice waterfront deck and gourmet cuisine. Don't let the "bar" look fool you. It's great.
    For more upscale dining we like Indian Cove. Lots of outside water view tables.

      1. I ate at Fishbar which is on the lake in Montauk last summer and enjoyed it. Nice atmosphere. Although it's not on the ocean or anything, the views are very nice, you can see boats docked, etc.

        1. I always suggest the Inlet on East Lake Dr for a spectacular view, watch the fishing boats returning, they have very fresh fish and sushi. Fishbar just down the road, also good and with a marina feel, as already noted. A little fancier menu than Inlet, owner/chef cooked there when the menu was more upscale a few years back. Speaking of marinas, don't forget the Hideaway across the lake from these places, on Westlake Dr,but it's Mexican and BBQ more than fresh fish. Right next to them you have West Cove Clam and Chowder, it's a mob scene but that's because the food is so good, and you'll usually see the fishermen fileting the fish on the dock right there, which is fun. Where Nick's used to be in town, new owners and has gone upscale, I believe the new name is Sloppy Tuna (yuck!) but one of the few views of the ocean in Montauk. Also Navy Beach for fancy, and Duryeas for lobster roll and fast food, both have the same beautiful view of Gardiner Sound, which is unforgettable at sunset.