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Jun 20, 2011 07:58 PM

12 lbs of RICE.... and only 1 person to enjoy it.. HELP!!

So, for some strange reason, my mom has decided that she wanted to buy a 25lb bag of rice. After realizing that it's just her and my father living alone, she's given me half of the bag. Now I have 2 bucket fulls of rice sitting in my basement staring at me in the face. Three days after I get this massive onslaught of rice, my boyfriend decides that he no longer wants to eat white rice. *SCREAMS*

So, now. I'm stuck with 12lbs of rice. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS INSANITY?!?!

It's your generic white long grain rice. I make rice and beans like it's my job (mainly b/c i love it), regular rice cooker white rice and rice pudding... Other than that, I'm at a loss..

So, Chowhounds, help me...What else can i do with this??!?

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  1. Save what you realistically think you will want to eat and take the rest to a shelter that can feed it to needy people.

    Twelve pounds is a LOT of rice!

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      I was thinking about doing that, but I'm not sure if they'll take it b/c it's not bagged. I sterilized 2 big Homer buckets from Home Depot with lids and have the rice in there..

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        donation was my thought as well until i realized it had been opened. no can do. bummer.

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          ridiculous. it'll keep two years. I go through more than that in a year.per person.

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            The soup kitchen where I volunteer would gladly accept an open bag of rice. Fergoshsakes, rice USED to be sold in bulk - in fact you can still buy it that way. What on earth would be wrong with a 12-lb. bucket of rice? You rinse it before cooking anyway. Of course I realize different places might have different guidelines as to what donations are acceptable or not, so you may have to check this out in your area. Another idea: try a food bank - directly. Locally, the food bank occasionally buys things like rice in bulk and packages it up into individual ziplocks to distribute. If you explain the situation, they may be ok with your bucket-o-rice.

          2. check out the current Cookbook of the Month thread - this month's book happens to be "Seductions of Rice." how's that for timeliness?!


            and you might want to consider doing some entertaining this summer that involves rice-heavy dishes...a Mexican fiesta or a rice pudding party?

            but seriously, don't stress. stored properly it will last for a very long time so you don't have to use it immediately.

            1. Rice keeps for quite a long time. Keep dry and in a sealed container it'll last years. So why the rush?

              Plus, if you ever get your cell phone wet, you've got an instant solution.

              1. I think the longer, it sits in a cool dry place, the better it taste. Just remember to adjust the water ratio. We just finished our rice a few weeks ago that I have had for over 10 years. Actually I gave the last lb away to my guest because she loved the flavor so much. She indicated she didn't like white rice, but when she tried mine, she basically inhaled it. I recently purchased another 70 lbs, 20 lbs of aged basmati, 25 lbs of Texas long grain and 25 lbs of jasmine. Mix it altogether and store until needed.

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                1. re: rinkatink888

                  I can see it now,

                  "Dry-Aged Rice, 10 years"


                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    I've never thought about mixing the type of rice.. That sounds like such a great idea!

                2. It keeps so don't worry. But here are some ideas:

                  Fried rice
                  Stuffed peppers
                  Use it as a substitute for breadcrumbs or oats in meatloaf or meatballs.
                  Make soup with rice in it.
                  Rice balls.
                  Make lots of stir fries so you can eat it on the rice.
                  Different flavours of rice like lemon and dill, saffron...

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                    And when you don't want it for dinner...rice pudding.