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Jun 20, 2011 07:31 PM

Dried chiles

Is there any store in the region that has a decent selection of dried chiles, either available in bulk or sold in decent portions at a reasonable price? The Ballard Fred Meyer is a good starting point, but I'm hoping there's somewhere out there offering the selection of El Mercado Latino without the exorbitant prices.

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  1. La Conasupo in Greenwood has a decent selection, I believe

    1. HT Market has a good selection of packaged and they also have bulk in the produce area.

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      1. Try the bulk section of either Greenwood Market or Central Market. They have 6-8 different kinds, and you can buy only as much as you need.

        1. Any hispanic market should be able to help you. If you're in Ballard, check out Tienda la Bahia. I haven't been in there yet, but I've been referred there. If you can't find what you want, HT Oaktree has 6 diffrent chili types available by bulk, and MANY MANY more prepacked for dirt cheap. Most are located at the end of the Mexican aisle, but there are also some on the Chinese aisle (including super cheap dried thai chiles). You might also try Indian stores, though as far as I'm aware the closest to Ballard is up here on Aurora around PCC. Might as well just go to HT.

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            I've been surprised to find several varieties of cheap dried chiles at Cash & Carry, but think Oak Tree is a good idea. The Mexican Grocery by Starbuck's and the one at South end of the Market (now maybe relocated to a trailer on Pie Place during construction) often have good selection, if not bargain). Burien and South Park may have much for you, but I do not know these.

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              I do have a vague recollection of bulk dried chiles for sale at HT, so that's probably where I will head next. They hide a pretty impressive selection of international groceries (including Eastern European and Middle Eastern, in case anyone's looking) in what appears to be 'merely' an Asian market.

              1. re: lavaca

                They advertise to be an 'international' market, and though that is an impossible standard to hit perfectly, they do a damn good job towards it. They have an impressive Hispanic section that can rival most latin specialty stores, and an indian section, plus standard American goods on top of the stuff lavaca mentioned