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Jun 20, 2011 07:11 PM

Manchester, NH - Caterer Recs for small in-home dinner event?

I'm organizing a dinner party for 8-10 people this fall and am debating between taking the group out to a restaurant, or having a chef come to the house and cook for us (Manchester, NH).

Any suggestions/recommendations for whom I might contact to get ideas and pricing for an at-home dinner based on the following criteria?

Full home kitchen available with ample prep space, butler's pantry, etc. Large dining area and lots of room to work. Emphasis must be on freshly-prepared quality food, to cook and serve dinner. Fancy service, white gloves, tuxedos, etc are NOT required here...... just a nice dinner with some great food. I don't expect this would require a team of more than 2 people to do the job between prep, cooking, serving and clean-up. It really doesn't have to run like a traditional professionally catered event..... we'd rather have the chef and helper feel like part of the group and have fun with us.

Appetizers, two entree choices (maybe salmon and beef), and 3-4 sides, plus a couple of desert choices.

Any reccomendations on who might be suited for this in the Manchester area?

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  1. This guy is REALLY Good. Excellent food, anything you want from gourmet to grill. He made some of the most delicious food I have ever tried. His wild game chili has also won several awards.

    Don't let the name fool you, his cooking is not just sausage. Check out his site.

    He also caters small events, just let him know what your needs are, and he can meet them.

    1. I threw a surprise 40th birthday dinner for my husband. I had Javier Fuertes and his partner ( prepare and serve three passed appetizers and a four-course gourmet dinner. There were eight of us in total. A wonderful experience to say the least. Highly recommended. He is from Fitchburg but traveled to Southern NH for our event.

      1. I recommend Tom, chef and owner of Z food & drink. I know he has done all types of catering, including the more intimate dinner party. For New Years Eve he catered an event for an associate that was out of this world—they felt he listened and delivered to their specifications. Z has a catering menu, but I’m sure Tom is very flexible and creative when it comes to an event. Lately he has catered several of the Manchester Chamber events and now has the contract for the Winter Garden café at the Currier Museum. Also, if you don’t know Tom, he is truly a nice guy- someone you’d want to have wine with.

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          Tom just catered a dinner for the NH Furniture Masters at a private home--he did a great job with the appetizers and food, provided plates and cutlery, and did a complete cleanup. Highly recommended.

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            Thanks for the ideas, all! That gives me a place to start.

            If someone has other suggestions, I have a few months to plan so I'm happy to hear them too.