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Jun 20, 2011 06:57 PM

Where do you buy your coffee beans in Atlanta?

Does anyone have a source for good coffee beans in the ATL? Like the tea question, I could use a good local source instead of having it shipped from another city...

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  1. I typically get my beans at Dancing Goats in Decatur.

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        Rev Coffee in Smyrna also sells Dancing Goats beans, if you are on the northside.

    1. I drink a lot of coffee. I used to have a pretty steady Aurora habit. I traded that in for Costco to reduce my cost. The one in Dunwoody roasts their own beans, which is, I think, unique among their stores. I get the Sumatra, and they've gone to all organic beans within the past year or so. Unfortunately, the cost has gone up to ~$15/2.5lb from $9 over the same period. Still a pretty killer value compared to the local boutiques. The occasionally go through a run that isn't as good, but it's a really good full bodied coffee most of the time.

      1. I got my beans from the Dekalb Farmer's Market for years, but finally admitted to myself that they're just not as good as they used to be, plus the price has risen a bit. Went to Aurora last week, was really happy with the house blend.

        1. i've tried the Costco coffee and it's surprisingly good but i don't know if i can justify a costco membership since i don't have room for 'bulk' purchases.
          as for Dancing Goats, I've tried several of their coffees and i can safely say that it's the only time in my life i've thrown out coffee beans. i'm sure it's fine, but it just didn't work in our household. perhaps it warrants another try.

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            "as for Dancing Goats, I've tried several of their coffees and i can safely say that it's the only time in my life i've thrown out coffee beans"

            There are a lot of different beans sold at Dancing Goats in Decatur. Try the Guatemala antiqua beans at Dancing Goats in Decatur or Star Provisons on Howell Mill Road. Expensive, but very good IMO.

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              Thanks for the Dancing Goats suggestion. I don't remember which two beans i got last year but I'll check out the Guatemala. I also found a few Counter Culture and Intelligentsia bean choices at Fresh Market.

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                The Guatemala is a good mellow coffee. I also don't think you could go wrong with the Dancing Goats blend or the Timbales blend, as they both come from straight-forward Central American beans and taste pretty much the way most people expect coffee to taste.

                It might have been that you picked up an African or Indonesian coffee before, which tend to have non-standard flavors that can be an acquired taste. I personally enjoy African coffees but think Indonesian coffees taste horrible. Having been to the roaster though, the guys there are using some very quality equipment, buy quality beans, and have a passion and love for making coffee. They are very much the real deal.

          2. I have Dancing Goats beans in my freezer right now. I've also tried Bare Nekked Espresso and one other brand... name escaping me... but all purchased at Whole Foods midtown. They have the local brands highlighted. Aurora also great, though!

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              The Batdorf & Bronson roaster is where Aurora gets their beans, which they simply sell under their own label. There is no difference between buying Dancing Goats beans or Aurora beans aside from the sticker on the package - they both come out of the same roaster.

              Not to be a stickler, but freezing coffee is a horrible way to store it - you'd be better leaving it vacuum sealed at room temperature. Ideally any freshly roasted coffee should simply be used within 2 weeks, and having a local roaster means you can buy the beans within a day or two of the roasting.

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                Once I break the vacuum seal, though, is it still ok to have at room temp? I cannot re-seal after I open the package. I cannot go through an entire package in 2 weeks - 1 person @ 1 cup/day = more than 2 weeks.