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Jun 20, 2011 05:58 PM

Addition Uses for creme patissiere other than in a choux

Having a dinner party for 12 and need to cut down on the work from making a choux and thus tending to individual profiterols or eclairs so am trying to come up with a good idea to use the creme.

Only thing i can think of is....

Creme patissiere with berries and mint
any additional ideas?

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  1. Use it in the bottom of a cooked tart shell and then add fruit.

      1. The classic strawberry tart - pate sucreee shell, baked. Fill with chilled pastry cream. Arrange whole strawberries, upright, in concentric circles (or a mixture of fresh fruit like whole berries, kiwi slices, pineapple wedges). Use a red currant jelly glaze for all-berry tart, or a clear apple jelly glaze for mixed fruit. Make individual tartlets or a large one.

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        1. You can serve it with cake. Fruit optional.

          1. +1 on the trifle or fruit tart - first ones that came to mind for quick & easy.

            for something a bit more labor-intensive, my mind immediately went to Torta Della Nonna...or Boston Cream Pie - you can make the components ahead of time and just assemble that morning.