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Jun 20, 2011 04:35 PM

Need quick help - Curry Chicken

My wife made a curry chicken dish tonight, when I walked in from work the house smelled incredible. The chicken curry though is kind of bland seems to be watered down. The chicken tastes like boiled chicken not like the wonderful smell of the house. How do we thicken it up? Corn starch, flour? And should we add more of the curry seasoning if we do thicken it up? She didn't really follow any recipie, put there are tomatoes in it, and of course her curry blend of seasonings. Any help tonight would be appreciated, as its going to be lunch on Tuesday as well.

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  1. I would add more curry, some yogurt could be good or some coconut milk.

    1. Is this an Indian-type curry? Most Indian curry dishes I've made are thickened by the presence of onions + spices that are sauteed till broken down to thicken the sauce....and maybe some sort of starchy vegetable, like potatoes, cooked in the sauce.

      Assuming there is sliced/blended onion in the sauce, sounds to me like you could remove the meat and any vegetables that are as cooked as you'd like and reduce the sauce so it thickens up and concentrates in flavor. If no onion is in the base of the sauce, then I would blend some onion, saute it in a separate pan, maybe add a spoonful of tomato paste to thicken and reinforce the flavor if it is not already too "tomatoey". Then, add the watery sauce, and cook it down till it's the consistency you want, adding cooked meat/veg at the end till warmed through. Add some more spices at the end (preferably sauteed in oil so the flavor "blooms") at the end as well if the reduced sauce is not strong enough in taste as well.

      Good luck!

      1. If the chicken is already tasting a little tired, I might scoop it out with a slotted spoon, then reduce the liquid over medium/medium-high heat. Get it nice and thick and taste again before adding any more seasoning/salt, as the flavors will obviously intensify. Any more advice would really depend on whether this is a SE Asian curry or Indian/Pakistani etc. If SE Asian, finishing with a little fresh lime juice and/or lime zest would certainly help, as would a shot of fish sauce and some ground peanuts. And, yeah, a swirl of coconut milk would probably help.

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          Thank you all for the quick response and advice. I'm not sure if it's SE Asian or Indian.....she kind of wung it. or is that wong it? Either way, like I said the house smells great. I will follow what you guys have said and remove the chicken and veggies and reduce, adjusting spices as needed. We will see what happens.........I'll let you know!!! Thanks again

          1. re: cb1

            it's winged ;)

            coconut milk is a great way to thicken it and add flavor, so i agree with that suggestion...and Isolda is right on all counts - salt, sugar & acid (in the form of citrus juice or vinegar) will round out and enhance the flavor.

            i'm sure you two will get it figured out and enjoy a delicious dinner!

        2. I second escondido's rec for coconut milk. And to that, add some lime juice and maybe a little brown sugar. And salt, if necessary. Sometimes that's the one missing thing.

          1. i know that i'm probably too late, but when i make chicken curry, i probably quadruple the curry powder.
            i also like the coconut milk and or yogurt idea. mmmm...

            do you have any chutney to top it with?