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Fun NYC Saturday afternoon lunch spots

jdm7 Jun 20, 2011 04:19 PM

Hey guys, I'm going to NYC in mid-July to move my 24 year old daughter to Chicago and we're going to have one last big fun lunch for she and her friends. There will be about 10 of us and we're all foodies, yep, even the 24 year olds, but we all love dives, too. Any great ideas? I'm thinking a beer garden, rooftops, casual, shorts, fun. Would appreciate any ideas. Oh, they all live in Greenwich Village but we'll go anywhere. Dinner at Blue Hill and wd-50 so looking for younger, hipper for lunch. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. r
    RGR RE: jdm7 Jun 20, 2011 09:29 PM

    You might want to consider going to Birreria, the rooftop beer garden at Eataly, which just opened last week. In July, they will be taking reserfvations for parties of 6 or more. We went up there on Sunday to check it out. Since we had been to the Shake Shack, we didn't eat anything at Birreria though the menu does look very enticing. We did sit at the bar for a while, and Mr. R. enjoyed a quartino of a rosé. A bunch of very pleasant servers behind the bar.

    Birreria photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


    200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

    200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

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    1. re: RGR
      jdm7 RE: RGR Jun 21, 2011 06:47 AM

      Thanks, we did consider that but read some not very flattering reviews on Trip Advisor. May reconsider. Thanks for the photos!

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        trishottawa RE: jdm7 Jun 21, 2011 07:42 AM

        It has been my experience that TA is great for hotels and tourist info but CH does offer better restaurant advice

        1. re: trishottawa
          jdm7 RE: trishottawa Jun 21, 2011 07:50 AM

          Thanks for that. I think you're right.

    2. t
      thegforceny RE: jdm7 Jun 21, 2011 11:07 AM

      The Lot under the 2nd part of the Highline could be a lot of fun. Beer Garden and food trucks, all 'curated' by Tom Colicchio.


      The Lot on Tap
      10th Ave W 30th St, New York, NY 10001

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      1. re: thegforceny
        kathryn RE: thegforceny Jun 21, 2011 11:25 AM

        Could be fun, except they have closed it during rain. Keep an eye on the Highline's Twitter account for updates:

        1. re: thegforceny
          loratliff RE: thegforceny Jun 21, 2011 12:25 PM

          Great idea if the weather's nice.

          1. re: thegforceny
            jdm7 RE: thegforceny Jun 21, 2011 01:44 PM

            Thank you so much! Checking them all out now.

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