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Jun 20, 2011 04:13 PM


I bought an assortment of yellow squashes at the market on Sat. just because I liked the color. Any ideas about how to use the different shapes in a main course?

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  1. If you got patty-pans, don't cut them up! Just barboil and then saute them. Could be nice with some stewed chicken pieces with onions, garlic, dill, butter, lemon?

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      I cut them into similar sizes, and roasted them with garlic and onions, thyme, s&p. When I took them out of the oven, I tossed them with fresh basil, mint and some feta - delish. Any other ideas will be appreciated.

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        I treat yellow summer the same as zucchini. Yesterday I sauteed coins of the latter in olive oil, with vadouvan, sliced onion, garlic, a few strips of red bell pepper for color, and a glug of sweetish balsamic vinegar. This is good hot or room temp.

    2. In my South.. a common/preferred method is to slowly Saute/Caramelize a Vidalia onion in a little butter until tender...Cut the squash in to 1/4-1/2 in wheels....add a bit of water and slowly steam/stew the squash and onion together until very tender.....Of course salt and pepper....A pinch of sugar is not unheard of....

      You can also cook it down to a point where their is no liquid....Add flour and mostly cornmeal to form a patty.....Coat in a meal/flour mixture and fry like corn fritters/ hoe cakes...whatever....

      Also you can just slice.. S&P.....meal and fry..... Like fried green tomatoes.....

      Have Fun!

      1. I like to grill them and put them in a salad like this one: (I mix and match zucchini and yellow squash, depending on what's on hand


        And I haven't tried this one yet, but it sounds good: (yes, switching again)

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          Oh, and I came across this link when I was searching for the other above:

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            Squash casserole! I second what Uncle Bob said also. YUM