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Jun 20, 2011 03:44 PM

waterviews and seafood south florida?

any suggestions for dinner saturday night, on the water (don't mind intracoastal or ocean) for seafood, between Ft Lauderdale and Lantana. Not 2 Georges or Banana Boat, nor the Old Key Lime House. It does not have to be fancy but it can be.
Has anybody been to the Rustic Inn in Ft Lau?

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  1. Blue Moon on the intracoastal and Commercial Blvd. has pretty respectable seafood and great outdoor dining right on the water. Rustic Inn is on a canal and I don't remember much of a water view, though I haven't been there in some time.

    1. If you want to go upscale you could do Michelle Bernstein's at the Oomphy. (Spelling!). Spectacular second floor ocean view - or maybe more casual downstairs.

      1. This place isn't open for dinner, but if you're looking for lunch...

        Try the Dune Deck Cafe at the beach in Lantana, just north of the Ritz-Carlton on A1A. Here's a link...