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Jun 20, 2011 03:25 PM

What Spanish ingredients should I get?

I don't have a lot of experience cooking Spanish food, but after a few days in Spain I'm dedicated to learning. I'm still here, so was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions of what food items or ingredients I should buy that can travel well.

I love the boquerones en vinagre here, but the packaging seems to say that I need to refrigerate it. Is that really true? I'd love to pack a few packages of this but it would have to be able to survive without refrigeration for a few days.

How about cured meats? Can I take those with me sans refrigeration?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I have a few more days here and would love to pick up a few things.

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  1. You can't bring back the cured meats. Bring back a few tins of angulas, maybe?

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    1. re: Veggo

      Why not the meats? Refrigeration or customs?

        1. re: Veggo

          I live in Cambodia and they don't seem to care about that sort of thing, so I think it's okay.

          1. re: Lina

            I imagine a jamon Iberico in Cambodia would be a wonderful thing.

            1. re: Veggo

              I can't find this sort of thing at any of the shops there, so that's why I am hoping to go back with a bag filled with goodies!

              1. re: Lina

                Maybe a couple nice bottles of Madeira, also? More economical than portos. Have some madeira, my dear.

    2. Strangely, I brought back all kinds of stuff, but my family liked the different tea flavours (there was a hibiscus, raspberry rooibos) best. Chips, people give you the fish eye, but they'll let you bring it in. Sadly, can't bring back cured meats and I love their pork products. But you could probably do olive oil and Spain is known for olives too.

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      1. re: S_K

        The OP lives in Cambodia... they're less fanatical about things being brought back through customs there.

        Me, I brought back olive oil, boquerones (which, if it's a sealed tin, shouldn't need refrigeration), and jams.

      2. - olive oil
        - sherry vinegar
        - paprika/pimentón: sweet (dulce), medium hot (agridulce), picante (hot), and smoked
        - saffron/azafran

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Yes to the saffron, anytime, anywhere (well, the good stuff).

        2. Paprika,sweet, bittersweet and smoked. I like the bittersweet.

          Sherry vinegar or other wine vinegar.

          Piquillo peppers

          Olive oil

          Romesco sauce

          High end canned seafood

          1. My suggestions:

            Bottled Piquillo Peppers

            Salted Marcona Almonds

            Pedro Ximenez Vinegar Grand Reserve

            Marques De Valdueza olive oil or Nunez del Prado EVOO in the Tin can $$$

            Ybarra Olives with Piquillo Peppers

            Various El Rey Smoked Paprikas

            Boquerones White Anchovies

            Bajamar Asparagus Spears in can

            Bevia Sea Salt

            Spanish almonds

            and LOTS of paella rice

            Catalonian Vichy water

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            1. re: arktos

              What a great shopping list, thanks!

              All of the boquerones I have been able to find seem to require refrigeration. Are they sold in any form that don't require refrigeration?

              1. re: Lina

                Some come in a jar. I know Miguel & Valentino import them to the U.S. from Catalonia I believe. Good luck!!