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Jun 20, 2011 03:01 PM

Good place for a party for 75-100 people?

Hey folks,

Two friends and I are looking to have a joint birthday party that may have between 75-100 guests on Saturday, July 9. I'm stumped as to what places could comfortably hold that amount without being too crowded/loud. We're fine with paying a deposit, but guests would pay for their own food/drinks. Los Angeles area.. Anywhere from the coast to the Fairfax district would be great, but that's flexible.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Maggiano's in The Grove has a room that seats 60 and a room that seats 120, but I don't know if they would do off-menu dining for that many, or whether ANY restaurant would....they want you to order banquet-style off a set menu.

    1. fwiw,
      normally when i've been invited to such parties, the arrangement has been to serve prix fix meals for which the guests pre-pay when they rsvp, along with offering an open bar at the event.

      can't imagine any venue offering to keep separate tabs for each of 100 guests.

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        I guess I wasn't thinking of sit-down restaurants..but more along the lines of a bar type setting that happened to serve food if anyone wanted any.

      2. The rooftop lounge at the Thompson Hotel in BH might be worth a shot. I've been to several parties there and it's a great space with a fantastic view. There's plenty of room as it's on 2 levels. Everyone can order their food/drinks at the bar and keep separate tabs, or keep a tab open with a server. Oddly, the website states that it's only open to hotel guests, but that doesn't seem to ever be the case.

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          Try Burbon Street Shrimp on Pico in West LA or Qs Bar on Wilshire in West LA. Both are fun spots that we have taken over in the past.