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Jun 20, 2011 02:54 PM

Daikokuya Cabbage Salad Dressing?

Anyone know how to make a salad dressing similar to Daikokuya's that they put on their cabbage salad?

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  1. It's basically a mayo & ketchup combo similar to thousand island but, there's some type of "secret" spice involved as well.

    1. I recreated something really close to it with Kewpie mayo (the Japanese mayo), mirin to thin out the mayo, a little bit of soy, rice vinegar, and masago (the little eggs). It was delicious!

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        That sounds right. I don't taste any ketchup in that dressing.

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          That sounds awesome! I am going to have to try it--my guess was always:

          Miso, Mayo (LOVE that Kewpie!), Soy Sauce, Vinegar or Mirin, White Onion & Daikon all blended together. Total shot in the dark though...

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            they definitely have masago in the dressing, you can totally see the little eggs in it. Also it helps if you shred cabbage, red cabbage and carrots just like they do...I did it with just cabbage and it wasn't quite the same.

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              Could the little orange colored things be carrot?

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                I doubt it since they're round and salty.

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                  I haven't been to Daikokuya in a long time, but I'm guessing the little orange things are Gobo root.

                  327 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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                    the orange things are most definitely masago and it is essential to the dressing. quite common in Japanese -style dressings, actually, and it's what give it umami.

        2. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/famous-j...

          I think it's similar to this recipe, but I also add: Kewpie
          Dashi Powder