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Jun 20, 2011 01:47 PM

Walking distance from the Marriott Renaissance on Madison St.....


I will be visiting Seattle in July on a business trip. I have been to Seattle several times before but this is the first time I will be staying downtown.

I will be staying at the Marriott Renaissance hotel on Madison Street.

Can you please recommend some good restaurants withing walking distance (I don't mind walking a bit so it doesn't need to be super close)?

Previously, I have eaten at Dahlia Lounge which I thought was good but not great.

I am open to any cuisine type and am looking for something in the $35 per person range (not including drinks).

Thank-you very much for any assistance you can provide.


Dahlia Lounge
2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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  1. Jeff, Long's Provincial would be on my short list; also, Tulio's, Sazerac, Steelhead Diner and Matt's at the Market.

    Steelhead Diner
    95 Pine Street, Suite 17, Seattle, WA 98101

    1100 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101