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Jun 20, 2011 01:15 PM

Locolat in Adams Morgan - Report

i've been to Locolat enough now to say it is easily the best undiscovered gem in DC. For years i thought it was only a chocolate shop, and I heard nothing about it - even from chocoholics. Not only are the chocolates first rate (or better), but this is a great place for savory waffles.

The garlic waffle with asparagus is a great first choice because the simple topping really lets you appreciate the quality of the waffle. However, the flammande and the queen's delight (chicken and mushroom in a cream sauce) are thoroughly delicious. The escargot is superb on the green herb waffle. On special, the crabcake had a very nice kick of horseradish to it. Impressive.

Favorite chocolates so far have been the dark chocolate ganache with Himilayan pink salt, both the passion fruit and the banana creams, and the chocolate caramel with Hawaiian black salt (caution, this last one is very salty). Expensive but very hard to find better.

The look of the place is like a tabac, serving a limited selection of salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

Locolat Cafe
1781 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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  1. Love this place - it's understated and delicious, but a little expensive for what you get.
    it's also a fun place to be naughty - lots of sweet treats. I'll have to try that Hawaiian black salt chocolate!

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    1. re: Jeserf

      i've only seen the Hawaian Black Salt once. I tried a pastry and didn't think it was anything special, so now I stick to the savory food and the chocolates.

      Because it is super-casual, you don't expect to see $17-$19 for a main course. But if you just count how delicious it is, it rocks.

      1. re: Steve

        we had dessert waffles with ice cream - very yummy. the chocolates look too dangerous (as in I wouldn't be able to have just one!)

    2. Really glad someone finally wrote up Locolat--I live around the corner and my wife and I have been regulars for years. I don't have much to add in terms of recommendations--I tend to gravitate towards the potato-chive waffle with asparagus and smoke salmon--but I should note that some of their cakes (particularly a chocolate-raspberry one) are amazing. Their coffee is also good, and they have a small but extremely well-chosen selection of Belgian beers.

      Overall, it's just a great neighborhood spot, especially when the weather's nice.

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      1. re: marcj

        I agree about the outdoor space - given the very busy and loud corner they are on, you wouldn't knowo it because the way they have set it up, it's actually very relaxing.

        1. re: Jeserf

          Plus, after a couple of trappist ales, it can almost be entertaining watching people try to figure out how to negotiate the asinine intersection of 18th, Florida, and U.

      2. I keep reading this as "Lolcat." Am I the only one?

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        1. re: 4X4

          Another great thing -- the cheese and sharp mustard sandwich. Really, truly delicious.

          1. re: ejr

            Wow, I bet. Some of their paninis are fantastic, and I say this as a panini skeptic (they're like the wrap sandwich of the aughts--ubiquitous, and rarely done well).

            1. re: marcj

              Just a belated thank you to those who contributed to this thread - prompted my husband and me to check it out a couple weeks ago. We loved this place!

              For one, it was a beautiful day and we sat outside; but add to that wonderful service, an overall nice vibe, yummy beer and delicious waffles and we'll definitely be back to try other menu items. I had the pesto waffle with shrimp w/ red pepper sauce; my husband had a veggie waffle with proscuitto. In hindsight, I guess it was a little pricey, but not enough to deter me, i.e. worth it. - everything just tasted so fresh.