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Jun 20, 2011 01:08 PM

Northern CA roadtrip

My husband and I will be in Northern CA/OR for a roadtrip of the national parks in the area at the end of July. I'm looking for advice for food along our route. We're pretty big foodies, and I am a vegetarian.
We will be making a loop that starts in Olema, CA, goes through Redwoods (Crescent City), into OR, then back down to Lava Beds (Tulelake), Lassen Volcanic (Mill Creek) and Yosemite.
Any recommendations appreciated.

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  1. If you are in the Olema/Pt. Reyes area, you must have oysters. We prefer them either pan-fried or on the half shell. If oysters are your cup of tea, having them on the half shell at the Marshall store in (surprise) Marshall, CA is a real treat. We have a doz each with wine followed by a cup of good chowder while sitting outside by the water....heaven.

    1. Olema is covered on the SF Board so you'll need to post there, also on that board try searching for (traveling north) Pt. Reyes, Marshall Station, Bodega Bay, Jenner, Fort Ross,

      Once in Mendocino county the CA board takes over. places to search for include: Gualala, Manchester, Elk, Little River, Albion, Mendocino, and Fort Bragg, assuming you're traveling on Hwy 1. The next area would include Ferndale, Eureka, Arcata, Trinidad and finally Crescent City.

      For S. Oregon use the Pacific Northwest board.

      The remainder of your trip is all on the CA board, look for posts that include I-5, Yreka, Mt. Shasta City, Redding, After Lassen you would have to let us know the route you have planned (i.e. freeway or mountain roads) down to Yosemite.

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        Thanks for the tips. I am probably taking highway routes between Lassen and Yosemite, since I don't know the area and will rely on maps/gps. However, if there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, I am flexible.

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          The Ahwanhee Hotel in Yosemite Park has gotten much better for dining and the setting is well worth a spectacular splurge. (Dress code - make reservations online) Magical at night with candlelight and stunning during the day for breakfast, lunch or brunch with the verdant views. Portions way too large - you can be content composing your dinner with their meal sized "appetizers" and side dishes.