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Jun 20, 2011 12:37 PM

La Dona in White Center. New Owners and Delicious.

La Dona has been under new ownership for about 6 months now. Coming here is reason enough to make a trip to White Center. The food is now Oaxacan, and is also completely delicious. They have Black, Red, Yellow and Green Moles, all homemade and all mind boggling,although it is the Mole Negro that I dream about. There are a couple of interesting differences from the Michoacano or D.F. cuisines that you can find around town (I will not address Azteca-style fake mexican food, as that is not relevant). All the masa dishes are tortillas,and they are homemade and fantastic. Large tortillas are what surround the Empanadas (they had squash blossum in them last weekend), and also the Huaraches. Smaller, thicker ones are the enmolitas, fried and soaked in that Mole negro.

They start you off with good chips and GREAT black beans, cooked with what might be Hoja Santo, and interesting herbal flavor. You also get red and yellow hot sauce, both hot and unique. The red sauce is made with walnuts, and is rich and mysterious.

They have great horchata as well, and are really nice people. Great breakfast on the weekends too. Highly recommended.

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