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Jun 20, 2011 12:36 PM

Dressler, Locande Verde, Peasant, Saul or The Grocery


Boyfriend's B'day dinner with my 19 year old son and his 19 year old daughter. We love restaurants like Marc Forgione, Vinegar Hill and Colonie.

Your thoughts please?

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  1. I think Saul and Dressler stand above most Brooklyn restaurants; I've had consistently exceptional meals there. I might steer you toward Dressler because it's a bit more of a fun/hip atmosphere for the 19 yo's.

    140 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    149 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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    1. re: Mandymac

      We're going to go to Dressler- I've been hearing great things about it. Thanks for your quick response.

    2. I'd go for The Vanderbilt over Saul and Grocery. Food is fantastic and much more casual/open atmosphere.

      140 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      The Grocery
      288 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      The Vanderbilt
      570 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238