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Jun 20, 2011 12:27 PM

Out of towner planning a bachelor party for a friend - any place that is both lively and meets a chowhounder's standards

Chowhounders - I'm planning a bachelor party for a friend in your lovely city. About half the attendees will be locals and the rest of us are out of town. It's a good friend so I'm happy to help but am hindered by the fact that I'm not a local and only know about 20% of the folks coming.

We're a fun bunch in our late 30's to early 40's...we're not looking for anything super fancy and steakhouses are out given about 4 veggies...including the bachelor. There will be 10-12 of us and it's kind of an eclectic mix of professionals, scientists, surfers, bohemians, etc. so I'm having a hard time pinning down a great spot.

Any places you fine folks can suggest that will have a fun atmosphere, not crazy pricey or pretentious and will also have good food. I wouldn't call us a sports bar or a Gaslamp crowd (although we are staying near there).

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Starlight might work for you. Attended a bachelor party there recently and it was fun.

    1. This place is a bit of a hipster joint but can be fun. Its kind of like the Regal Beagle from Threes Co.

      1. Maybe Wine Vault might fit bill for dinner and then you guys could head to Starlight for drinks. I know 10-12 is about the limit of what they'll seat for a large party. I also know they'll request you either come in early (530) or late (8+). If you talk to Chris he'll probably get the Chef to come up with some good Vegetarian dishes for those in the group who don't eat meat.

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          All great suggestions guys...thank you and please keep them coming. I'm a little worried about going to a place like Wine Vault that only serves wine but I will check it out.

          1. re: vis

            I believe WV serves booze too. It is for sure an outside shot but I think it can keep a diverse group of people happy food wise. Alchemy is also a good choice.

            1. re: mjill

              It does - at the last tasting dinner I went to (June 11), they finished the meal with orange-scented cognac. As a restaurant, its great, but for a bachelor party. . .no. Seriously, no.

              1. re: jmtreg

                I agree, Wine Vault is a pretty bad suggestion not just for the party but for other restaurant goers. The scene there is about opposite that of any possible version of a bachelor party, regardless of dinner.

                1. re: MrKrispy

                  Yes, it's an outside shot thing for sure. I agree. But, this is a group of 30/40's somethings that range from lower income to higher and who aren't looking for a night of feeding the kitty at pure platnium. It seemed to me that dinner wasn't supposed to be an outrageous affair and since the wv can for sure cater to the different food tastes of the group without sacrificing quality... it could work.

                  Turf Club could be another alternative though.

        2. Cucina Urban
          Cowboy Star
          Water taxi over from Gaslamp to Candelas for drinks and dinner..
          Las Cuatro Milpas for Mex breakfast in the Barrio or El Porvenir.

          Dive bars..Waterfront, NuNu's, Lamplighter, Star bar, Aero Club, Pacific Shores

          1. The patio at Urban Solace.

            Urban Solace Restaurant
            3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104