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Jun 20, 2011 12:15 PM

"Berry Blue" Jell-O ----berry blech!

George Carlin had a bit about the fact that there is no blue food. There's a reason for that - as evidenced by this particular Frankenfood. I admit to having wondered what it was like, and bought a box a couple of months ago without knowing if it qualified under the "any jello but red" colonoscopy prep rule. When I checked with the nurse, she said not to have it. So I didn't get to making it until the other day. The picture on the box has raspberry and blueberry but the only flavor came from the fresh blueberries I added to the mold. Otherwise, this aquamarine-colored food-like substance has a strongly perfumy smell but no identifiable flavor other than sweetness. In comparison, the other Jell-O flavors are like eating just-picked local fruit! If I ever want to make blue jello - like for a flag-theme dessert - I will buy white grape juice, plain gelatin packets, and blue food coloring.

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  1. I always wondered why artificial rasberry things are colored blue. I have yet to see a blue rasberry or taste anything blue that tasted like a rasberry.

    1. It tastes nasty in a jello shot too, FYI. But you're right, the other flavours do taste better. It's alright if you don't actually expect it to taste like fruit so it's disappointing when it doesn't.

      I like the Robertsons brand if I want something that tastes more like fruit. I don't remember if they have a raspberry flavour, but I really like their black currant one.

      1. In Toronto we were enticed into purchasing Berry Blue Jello by the offer of a free Toronto Blue Jays Jello Mold with the purchase:

        I probably still have mine somewhere!! Perhaps that's when this flavour?/colour originated.

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          I thought it was a carryover from the blue raspberry Popsicle of yore. Blue? raspberry? Always seemed bizarre to me, even at a tender age.

          1. re: buttertart

            Mmmm blue popsicles! My 3rd fave. Banana 1st, Chocolate 2nd! I had no idea they were supposed to be raspberry though bt! Very funny! I just thought they were "blue" flavour!!! ; - )

            1. re: Breadcrumbs

              Banana, chocolate, vanilla! M-m-good. And quiescently frozen...that word used to intrigue me, sounded a bit naughty.

              1. re: buttertart

                I still love those chocolate and banana ones. HEY! That's true, there is a blue popsicle that is supposed to be raspberry, I always called it the "blue" flavour too. I liked red white and blue one, but not for any discernable flavour, for the colours. I think it tastes better in a popsicle than as jello.

                1. re: S_K

                  Oh I'd forgotten all about those red, white and blue ones S_K...another sentimental favourite!!