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Jun 20, 2011 12:08 PM

Lunch in/near Orange?

Any recommendations? I didn't see anything on a search. Thanks.

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  1. We own a home in Sablet about 20 minutes from Orange and go three or four times a year. I don't know any restaurant to recommend in Orange but there are quite a few good ones a short distance away. Will you have a car? How far is your definition to "near"?

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    1. re: Pammel

      Thanks for your reply. Yes we will have a car and are thinking of visiting vaison la romaine the same day. I saw your post on restaurants in that area and l'oustalet in gigondas sounded good and geographically convenient. Any other suggestions welcome.

      1. re: degustazione

        Even thought this excellent report
        has Luberon in the titlte, it also covers the Orange-Vaison area.

      2. re: Pammel

        My definition of near is 25 to 30 miles, yes we will have a car would like to have a lete lunch and get back to the apt. Before dark . Our apartment is in Pernes les Fontaines maybe leaving Orange after site seeing we could dine on the way back. I just do not feel comfortable driving after dark. Would Sablet be on my route to Pernes les Fontaines? Thanks Johnbliss

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