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Jun 20, 2011 11:47 AM

Blueberries and peaches in Edinburgh

How easy would it be to find fresh blueberries and peaches in Edinburgh in July? I want to make a dessert (pudding) for my host family and my "specialty" is blueberry and peach crisp. I'm also open to fruit substitutions if you can suggest something that's more readily available. Thanks!

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  1. I know blueberries were available in Scotland in May. Fruit available in most grocery stores is Scotland is pretty much sourced from everywhere in Europe, so, as long as it is growing somewhere, it should be available.

    Be aware that Scotland suffered a terrible windstorm in mid-May that damaged/destroyed much of the soft fruit crop that is locally grown.

    1. Blueberries and peaches abound at both the supermarkets and the fruit shops but trying to get ready to eat peaches can be a bit harder.

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        july is the season for both those fruit... surely you'd be able to get them from any supermarket?

      2. Thanks, you've put my mind at ease; it sounds like I should be able to pull of the crumble.