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Jun 20, 2011 11:24 AM

JoJo's BBQ - Calgary

JoJo's BBQ is finally up and running. I found out about JoJo's awhile back on the post about Food Trucks in Calgary. She's been open for a couple of weeks now. She's located in the parking lot of Barbecues Galore on Edmonton Trail. I stopped by a couple of days ago for lunch. It's too bad there's no real place to sit down to eat but that didn't bother us. It was raining that day so we just sat in our car to eat.

I had the snack rack of ribs and it was really good. I could really taste the smokiness in the meat. Her corn fritters were a big hit as well! They were like falafels excepts made with cornmeal and real corn kernels. The fritters were my favourite item. I also tried the garlic fries. They were as good as the ones that I used to have at Palomino's. As a side note, Jody the owner of JoJo's is formerly of Palomino's Smokehouse. She's also got Griddle Mac N' Cheese. I'm going to try that out next time.

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  1. I agree miss.foodie, I haven't been to the truck yet, but I had a nice preview dinner a few weeks ago! Jody sold "preview dinners for two" from a notice on her facebook site. The ribs were so awesome, I really love that the flavour was high in smoke and cherry wood (i think). Fritters are on my list-hopefully for this weekend!

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      Finally - can't wait to try this out. Do you know what hours she is there? This location is right around the corner from my mechanic (so I'll be sure to let them know) - but it's a bit far for me to go for lunch. If she's there long enough (mid-afternoon) - maybe I could stop by and grab supper.

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        From her Facebook page

        WEDNESDAY to SUNDAY 11am-3pm/4ish...or until all the meat's all ate up!!

        1. re: cancowboy

          Weekends - YEAH!
          Great BBQ on my new deck - now lets hope the weather cooperates.

    2. I was at bbq galore on Sunday. I saw the truck but didn't know what it was. Good info. Except I actually have never liked Palimino's ribs, so I Hope they aren't the same. I will check it out. I love fritters! Thanks

        1. re: piano boy

          whoa, based on that picture, the sandwiches at Holy Smoke look A LOT better - bigger, moister, and the meat is shredded finer/better.

          also, i have to say that the ribs pictured in the first post don't look as good as Holy Smoke, either. what's with the thick, sugary sauce that's slathered all over them. looks more like Kraft bottled sauce than bbq sauce. just sayin'

          1. re: nonlinear

            Why don't you actually try it before you sh*t all over it. Just sayin'

            I have never tried Jo Jo's but will make sure I get there soon, but seriously? You can tell the sauce is sugary by looking at a picture?

            1. re: nonlinear

              Nonlinear, what the hell was the point of posting that?

              1. re: 23skidoo

                i'm just saying that based on the pictures, holy smoke looks a lot better. what's wrong with that? show me a picture of 5 guys and Harvey's burger side-by-side, and i could say the same thing.

                1. re: nonlinear

                  Garlic fries, closer to my house with parking? In!!

          2. We managed to stop by on Saturday for lunch. We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, a brisket sandwich, fritters and garlic fries.

            The fritters were stellar; the garlic fries were very, very good (with a LOT of garlic..share these or you'll be alone for a day waiting for them to wear off...).

            The sandwiches were a bit of a let down. First of all...they came on a decently stout bun that worked very well. No worry about sogginess. But we found the meat disappointing. Not enough smoke, and served almost cold. I'm sure that there are a ton of logistical issues with working out of a small van like that. But, we know that the meat is "smoked" on site. I think one should expect that it should be fresh for the lunch rush. This seems to have been smoked and sliced earlier and then just stored until needed.

            I wish them all the best. They seem to know how to run the PR machine (there was a Herald photographer waiting patiently for photo ops). The sides were great, I just think they need to pay more attention to the meat.

            For my money, I'll stick to Holy Smoke.

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            1. re: tex_in_yyc

              i could tell that from the pictures LOL

              1. re: nonlinear

                A picture is worth a thousand words ;-) I have to try both places.

              2. re: tex_in_yyc

                tex, did you get a chance to try the ribs?

                1. re: nonlinear

                  I passed on the ribs. There is only so much one man can (or should) eat :)

              3. We were at Jojo's on Saturday as well. We ordered ribs, corn fritters, fries (which she kindly made garlic jalapeno and that flavour combo ROCKS, people) plus the griddled mac and cheese.

                The ribs were very good - mind you we just got back from near Amarillo, so we couldn't help but compare - and though not on the same level, they were pretty darn good. The ones in Logan, TX were 10/10 and Jojo's a solid 8. We were wondering if they were baby backs because the same juiciness factor wasn't there. What was disappointing was one of the racks was slightly cold. They were pre-sliced, so wondering if that made them slightly dry. However, the heat factor aside, we found them better than the ribs we had in Luling, TX at a world-class bbq joint, so hats off to Jojo.

                Griddled mac and cheese was awesome, very cheesy. I did not personally care for the corn fritters - I've had hush puppies that were more "cakey" which is my preferance, but my husband liked them a lot. The BBQ sauce, which you can get on the side, was not sugary nor "bottled" at all. For our taste, it wasn't really needed, the rub had a great flavour punch mixed with the smoke.

                Jojo was really friendly and was a pleasure to talk to. We will be back!