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Jun 20, 2011 10:23 AM

What's for Dinner - Part 93 [old]

We're cooking up a storm - whether it's outside grilling or inside because it's stormy out! (Or cooking inside because you don't *have* a grill!)

So, what's on the menu?

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  1. marinating pork ribs, in zipper bags freezer.
    braised cabbage
    butter poached new red potatoes
    garlic bread
    water for me, iced tea for the boys

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    1. re: iL Divo

      I've heard of butter poached lobster. How do you poach potatoes please?

      1. re: c oliver

        whoa - i'd like to hear about that, too. i'll eat butter-poached anything, frankly!

      2. re: iL Divo

        there are 3 BTU's on my stove.
        for butter poaching potatoes I use the one with the least amount of output.
        washed & peeled 3 medium new red potatoes
        sliced 1/8". placed in iced water with a few lemon slices until I get
        butter ready in pot melted
        5qt. Le Creuset oval French oven on lowest heat,
        2 sticks of butter 1 sweet cream 1 salted.
        potatoes out of ice water, onto paper towels, in 3 steps,
        pat so they're very dry.
        butter melted, 3 leaves cracked/bruised sage, 1" rosemary sprig, 1 inch mint
        thin potato layers into pot, butter just covers potatoes.
        fire barely on put herbs submerged in butter cook 3 hours checking occasionally.
        move around the potatoes with gentle hand so as not to break the slices but make sure they all have been submerged
        pull out the mint/sage/rosemary, toss away… present on plate.
        diner salts and peppers as desired, I use none of either.
        save butter in ball jar in frig or freeze for anything like sautéed vegs to twice baked potatoes etc.
        or whatever else it makes sense to use it for.
        Adding to stock, adding to soups casseroles drizzled over grilled meats

          1. re: rabaja

            they are really decadent. melt in your mouth.
            I only do them once or twice a year.
            they're not figure friendly, never said they were though, and sometimes it's nice to have something special.
            did them for son and husband and I and as long as my men like how I make food, that's all that's important to me. no apologies.
            it's like me and poutine, I eat it twice a year

              1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

                well thank you BBUWAT, very kind, and they are, just ask the boys :) oh and myself of course.......
                I'd call them
                never made 'em for my favorite girl, she'd adore them though, loves butter as much as I do

                1. re: iL Divo

                  So is it three pounds or three potatoes? Also would cooking it at a slightly higher temp for less time give the same result? Thanks.

              2. re: iL Divo

                Only THREE new potatoes???

                What do you think the advantage of this is to simply cooking the slices in butter? I had been envisioning whole potatoes. I'm curious why half salted and half unsalted butter. Thanks.

            1. Thanks for clearing and resetting the table, Linda! :)

              Who knew yesterday was fish taco appreciation day? I must have felt something in the wind, because I made a batch. I knew the boyfriend would be made a little sad by the distance between he and his daughter yesterday, so I thought one of his favorite meals would be nice. There was a spicy potato salad to go with, and cream cheese brownies for dessert.

              Tonight, we are having two different, but similar, meals. He loves pasta, so I thought I'd just make a simple tomato sauce, with artichoke hearts, black olives, that crook-necked little yellow squash that always on sale at my market, with spinach and basil tossed in at the end. Parmesan shaved over the bowl by command.

              I'll have something similar: a portion of the sauce will be added to lightly sauteed chopped tomato, and all of the above vegetables, except for the olives, but with extra squash, spinach and basil, ladled over toasted and cubed whole grain bread for a warm panzanella-style dish.

              Either dish will suit this damp chilly day very well. And if his job has made the boyfriend's mood as gray as the day, as it has of late, I might toss a few of the cubes into the FP, and lightly brown the crumbs in butter for his pasta dish (he loves the texture of buttery breadcrumbs paired with pasta).

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              1. re: onceadaylily

                You are sweet to take care of him so. Everything sounds yummy.

                1. re: ChristinaMason

                  Thanks, Christina. I'm wrangling my helplessness into something that looks suspiciously like nurturing. ;)

                2. re: onceadaylily

                  Awww. Sweet of you to cheer up your dude on Father's Day, lily. And he got brownies too. I want some brownies. :P

                  1. re: inaplasticcup

                    Oh, please come get them out of my house. Please. ;)

                  2. re: onceadaylily

                    oadl that sauce sounds especially delicious!!

                    1. re: Breadcrumbs

                      It really was very good, BC, and so healthy that I feel a little smug about it.

                  3. Here at work, for now. Tonight's dinner is pan seared (dipped in a mayo/dijon mixture), panko crusted tilapia, roasted green beans, corn on the cob and a little pasta salad I made yesterday.
                    I also cook up all the corn I buy on the weekends, eat it cold from the fridge most times as my appetizer. ;)

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                    1. re: mcel215

                      mcel I love the idea of roasting green beans. I'll have to give that a try, thanks!

                    2. Hello, WFD folks.

                      The Home Cooking board and the WFD thread has been a valuable resource for me for a long time now. Thanks for all your posts over the years that have kept my food brain humming.

                      Over the next few weeks, I'm going to challenge myself to make weeknight dinners that are both a) pretty quick, and b) use up ingredients sitting in the cupboard and fridge, and NOT make extra trips to the grocery store. I love making elaborate meals, and taking a lot of time researching recipes, hunting ingredients, etc. But right now, I'm without a full-time job, and have found that I'm spending way more time on nightly dinners that I actually want to, at the expense of getting other things done. (You know how tasks expand, when given the time!) So it's time to tighten up my game, and still put delicious stuff on the table, just in less time, and with less waste, and also while building up by improvisation skills.

                      In order to keep myself motivated, I'm going to post my results to the WFD thread. I hope my reports are useful to someone else!

                      So here's Dispatch #1, from last night:

                      On Sunday night, the pickings in the kitchen were slim.
                      My one protein option: Frozen Dover Sole filets
                      Fresh Vegetables: A half-dozen small tomatoes, some spinach, half of a small purple cabbage
                      Plus: Whatever I could find in the cupboard/freezer.

                      Here's what I made:
                      - Quickly Pan-fried Fish (dredged in cornmeal only, no egg or other batter.)
                      - Tomato Okra Corn Stew (I found half a package of frozen corn in the freezer, along with an unopened jar of commercial pickled okra that was passed down to us by my in-laws. This dish is one of my favorite easy Southern-ish vegetable dishes. I toss the three main ingredients with garlic and/or onions, cumin, and coriander. Usually I use fresh or frozen okra, but the pickled ones were just sitting there, so I thought, why not? )
                      - Cole Slaw with Mayo
                      - Brown Rice

                      Success! Quick, delicious, and a complete meal. (My partner didn't think the slaw went well with everything else, but I think it's just because he isn't a cabbage fan.)

                      The pickled okra worked just fine in the dish. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of the jar! (Of course just eating those tart little beauties as-is is always an option.)

                      I also made a big pot of dal with some Tuver Dal that's been in the freezer forever. Used the spinach, some dried coconut, and spices (tumeric, cumin, and mustard). Will be good for lunches during the week.

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                      1. re: abijah

                        That was very sweet of you to say. Reading your post is like looking back in time (albeit, only a year or so). I started posting here when I became without employment, and wanted company in the kitchen. Your meal sounds lovely, abijah. I love it when people 'make-do' and come up with something satisfying.

                        1. re: onceadaylily

                          "Make-do" meals are often the most satisfying, because it's always a surprise as to how it will turn out - so when it turns out well, BONUS! :-)

                          Welcome, abijah. If you ever need help with fashioning a meal, you know you can just toss out the ingredients in your cupboards, freezer and fridge into this thread and I'm sure lots of people will come up with something great!

                        2. re: abijah

                          Looking forward to your installments, abijah. I try to do the same - weekly grocery trip of whatever's seasonal and/or inexpensive - and just see what happens. It sure forces you to ratchet up the resourcefulness.

                          That first meal sounds fabulous!

                          1. re: abijah

                            Well, I just want to extend a big Welcome, to you abijah, and we are so glad that you decided to post, and feel honored that we have inspired you for awhile now.

                            Your dinner sounds great, and inspiring as well!

                            1. re: abijah

                              Welcome abijah, looking forward to many meals together! Your Tuver Dal sounds like it will make wonderful lunches!

                            2. Tonight's dinner will be veal milanese with a side of linguini and haricotes verts with pesto. We decided to go out for Father's Day, and this had been the proposed meal, now a day late.