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Jun 20, 2011 08:59 AM

Need a Dinner Rec for the Hyannis Area Please

I'm flying up from NC today, and will be staying in the Dedham area tonight and Wednesday, and will be working and visting Cape Cod on Tuesday and Wednesday staying in Hyannis on Tuesday night. I don't know much about the Hyannis area (almost nothing in fact), and didn't see too many archived posts on Chowhound with suggestions for that area, and it appears I could use a little Chowhound expertise and assistance.

I'm open to any suggestions. It would be nice to have the option of a full bar, and other than that, I'm all ears. Seafood, Italian, steakhouse, clam shack, it's all good...price isn't a big factor, just quality of food, service, and the experience.


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  1. There are many restaurants on Main Street in Hyannis but only a few worth recommending IMO. Alberto's Restaurante for fine dining Italian. Many seafood choices here as well. It's all good and one of my favorites on the Cape. The Naked Oyster for a busy bar vibe with an emphasis, obviously, on oysters. Can be a bit hit or miss is my experience. Embargo has an urban, upscale Tapas bar vibe and you happen to be visiting on 1/2 price night for all Tapas. Good food and great drinks too. Colombo's Cafe has the best restaurant pizza in the area and is decent, yet basic, Italian-American fare in a casual and comfortable setting. Many here like the Island Merchant for Carribean fare and The Roadhouse for upscale American but I'm not a big fan of either. Skippy's Clam Shack is at the Hyannis harbor with views depending on the status of the sightseeing boat that docks in front.

    If you want a real feel of Cape Cod, take a 15 minute drive down Rte 132 north to the end and take a right on Route 6A. A few miles down this scenic and historic road you'll come to Barnstable Village and The Dolphin on the left. It's an antique tavern with a friendly and lively local bar scene. Good seafood. After, you can drive just around the corner to hit Mattakeese Whard Restaurant for a drink/dessert and enjoy their beautiful harbor front setting. (Just don't eat dinner there!)

    All have full bars.

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      Outstanding info CapeCodGuy...just the type of info I was looking for to do further research. Thanks

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        I will add Eclectic Cafe or Naked Oyster both on Main St. in Hyannis.

        Naked Oyster
        20 Independence Dr, Hyannis, MA 02601