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Jun 20, 2011 08:58 AM

Boston Creme Pies for soldiers

I would like to ship a Boston Creme Pie to my husband in Afghanistan for his birthday in July. Is there a company that could send something that would stay fresh long enough? Another setback- they only accept USPS. I'm open for suggestions!!! Thanks!

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  1. That's a tough one - the custard filling would be a challenge. You would probably need to get a frozen cake and ship it Express Mail. Sorry I can't help with specific pointers for a baker that could do that. You may have to buy the cake fresh and handle the freezing and shipping yourself.

    1. You should try calling the Omni Parker House to see if thats been done before.

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        I'll definitely look into that, thank you!

      2. I have to agree with Allstonian's point about the custard. Shipping anything with dairy (even if it leaves here frozen in a brick) is really scary from a food safety point of view.

        I don't know where "dry ice" falls in the list of "Hazardous, flammable, toxic and radioactive substances", but my assumption is that they might not look too favorably on a package that is smoking (while the dry ice is evaporating).

        I love the thought so much - hope someone more clever than I is lurking out there.

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          Thank you! Dry ice is probably the best way to keep it fresh, but you are right that they make freak out and reject it. I would love to ask him directly, but I wanted to keep it a surprise. However, it's probably better to get more details about regulations rather than the possibility that he'll never receive it.

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            Uhhh, it's perfectly okay to ship stuff with dry ice. I am sure you can do it to an AFO/APO. Fedex does it and USPS as well. Just not sure it will last, even with dry ice, for the trip to Iraq. With a good styrofoam shipping box (there are special ones for dry ice shipping) I bet you might make it...

            We Fedex with dry ice all the time for lab specimens.

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              Awesome news! Thank you so much! I'll investigate that option for sure!

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                Good luck, hope it can make it to Afganistan (whoops, not Iraq) before all the dry ice runs out. It'll cost ya, but I bet you have a shot.

                As you probably know, AFO/APO postal costs are not too bad, but the overnight (or 2-3 day) plus the heavy package will cost a bit even with the very reasonable postal rates.

                Heck, you could do it yourself. Heck, I'll nerd out a bit. First double check with your local post office. Fedex does dry ice domestically FOR SURE, but just double check.

                Take a stop at the Parker house for the pie.

                Brookline Ice and Coal for the dry ice.

                I'd save a box for you in the lab, but all the ones we have are not big enough for a pie. You might try a gourmet store like Savenor's, or John Dewar's butcher shop for a big enough styrofoam shipping box. Heck, you could just buy a cheap cooler from Target or Walmart, fill it with dry ice, and ship the whole darn cooler. That would work. As soon as you get the pie on dry ice it'll freeze rock solid. A decent cooler full of dry ice will last 3-5 days or longer.

                Whatever you do don't seal the cooler too tightly (i.e. don't tape and seal every crack). You want some of the CO2 from the dry ice to be able to escape otherwise pressure could build up inside.

                It ain't gonna be a cheap pie, but it'll blow your husband's mind...

                Good luck, let us know how it works out!

          2. Would you consider sending it in piece parts? You could make/buy a yellow cake, wrapped well, a can of chocolate frosting and a can of Ambrosia custard. It's not the same thing but it might be good enough for where he is.


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              If nothing else, the pieces would certainly be sufficient to conjure enough of a memory to last him until he gets stateside. Clever thinking!